Saturday, October 30, 2021

Prayer as Myanmar's military junta burns Thantlang in Chin State

Lord God, Myanmar continues to be on our hearts, but we know that our concern is only a glimpse of your concern for your imperiled children. We grieve to know that the military junta continues to bring destruction upon its own people and land. We grieve the burning of over 100 homes and two churches within Thantlang, Chin State, this week. We grieve the terror brought on by burning, rocket-propelled grenades and other tactics the junta is using to torment the people of Thantlang. Lord, we think of the prophet Habakkuk’s lament: “Must I forever see these evil deeds? Why must I watch all this misery? Wherever I look, I see destruction and violence” (Habakkuk 1:3). Lord, we long to see you act in Myanmar. We long to see you act in Thantlang. We long for you to do something in our own day that is absolutely unbelievable (v. 5). Reveal your mighty hand in Thantlang, Lord. Bring peace to Chin State, Lord. We humbly plead, amen. Source: The Chinland Post

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