Thursday, September 9, 2021

Prayer about COVID hospital fire in North Macedonia

Heavenly Father, we grieve with North Macedonia over their COVID hospital fire. We are devastated to learn that at least 14 patients were killed when oxygen cylinders exploded in this makeshift hospital. We pray that remains will be found to identify any other deceased patients so families can have closure. We also pray that the investigation into the cause of the fire will be very clear and efficient. Lord, we know people are frustrated by what they feel was an unsafe temporary facility. We also know that many nations have struggled to keep up with the demands caused by COVID-19. We pray for truth to come out and for people to be gracious toward each other while they await the news. We pray for hope and healing for the grieving. We also pray for a new facility to be quickly, yet safely, built. Finally, we pray for the slowing and cessation of COVID transmission in North Macedonia. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. Source: PC: EPA

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