Friday, April 28, 2017

Prayer for Chibok girls three years into their captivity
Lord, today we pray again for the Chibok girls who were kidnapped from their school three years ago. We do not want to forget them, despite their three years in captivity. Please, Lord, protect these girls’ minds and bodies. May their captors view them with favor and desire the best for them. May they be compelled to free these young women. We pray for the Nigerian government to successfully negotiate for their release. Please sustain the parents as they continue their agonizing wait. Lord, we want to see a miracle in this situation. And we pray even now for psychological wounds to begin to heal. Prepare these girls even now for both spiritual and literal freedom. Please, Lord, bring back these girls. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Prayer against modern-day slavery in Brazil

The bedroom of a family trapped in ranch work.
Lord, today we pray against slavery in Brazil. We are so thankful that the Brazilian government has rescued 50,000 people from slave-like conditions over the past 20 years, but we grieve when we hear of the uphill battle: more than 25,000 more people are lured into these “jobs” each year. Lord, in this type of situation we choose to pray for the big things today. Lord, first, work in the hearts of those with the power to hire. Prick their consciences whenever they are tempted to offer inappropriate wages and conditions. May they be drawn to Jesus and the way he lived among us. We also pray for the nation’s leaders. We pray they will not be swayed by lobbyists to divert funds from the mobile units that conduct rescues, and that they will continue to publish the “dirty list” that exposes bad businesses and their wicked practices. We pray for non-governmental activists, like Xavier Plassat, the French Dominican friar who has dedicated his life to fighting what he calls modern-day slavery in the region. Bless their efforts. Protect them from harm and corruption. And, Lord, we pray for the poor people of Brazil who are desperate enough to be lured into these situations. Give them courage to resist, ingenuity in recognizing better options, and support from those around them. Lord, we want to see slavery end in Brazil. Magnify yourself in this battle. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

To my faithful prayer partners: I apologize for the period of silence. I have been gone more than home during the month of April. I hoped to post anyway, but it did not work out. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Prayer for believers in Bangladesh

Lord, today our thoughts and prayers turn toward the nation of Bangladesh. Lord, we are thankful that this majority-Muslim nation allows freedom of religion, but we are concerned about the rapid increase in terrorist attacks on Christians. We are sad to hear of people being killed and living in fear, and of churches being forced to close. But we are thankful that you are never terrorized nor are you bound. We know that, despite persecution (and often as a result of it), your Church continues to grow. We pray for more Muslims to turn to Jesus every day in Bangladesh. We pray for protection for Christians, so they may continue to serve you and be lights for you. We also pray for the equipping of Christians in Bangladesh. We know that brand-new Christians often face the greatest persecution in Bangladesh. Stand by and sustain these new believers, and send brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage and equip them. In Jesus' powerful name we pray, amen.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Prayer for special needs students in churches
Lord, today we rejoice in how you are working among special needs students at Calvary Baptist Church in North Carolina, USA. Lord, thank you for calling and equipping teachers Robby and Tammy to work with these special needs adults for many years, teaching them the Gospel and your Word. Thank you for Walk Thru the Bible's "live" Bible curriculum, which engages people from all backgrounds and learning styles with your Word. We are thrilled to hear stories of lives changed and souls saved through this class. Lord, this inspires us to pray for special needs adults and children in churches around the world. We pray that their local brothers and sisters in Christ would see them as you see them and treat them with love and dignity. We pray that leaders will not neglect to impart your love and your Truth with this part of their congregation. Give people perseverance, creativity and resources as they seek to effectively equip these precious children of God to seek and serve you more fully. In Jesus' gracious name we pray, amen. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Prayer for national Christian camping conference in Romania
Lord, today we pray for the national Christian camping conference taking place in Romania. We pray for each and every camping leader in attendance to greatly benefit from participation. We pray for these servant-leaders to be refreshed, encouraged and better equipped to reach the children of Romania. We pray for each person teaching, speaking, organizing, and serving in any capacity to make this conference a valuable experience for all involved. Sustain and work through them. Empower them by your Spirit. Lord, it is heartbreaking to look back on the not-so-distant history of Romania and to acknowledge the lack of value placed on children, evidenced in part by hundreds of thousands of them being placed in huge orphanages. We are thankful Romania has made such great strides in caring for its orphans. We are also thankful for these Christian camping leaders who have given their lives in service to share the Gospel and your love with children from around the country. Bless and refresh them this weekend and beyond. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Prayer about St. Petersburg subway bombing
Lord, today we pray about yesterday’s bombing in a St. Petersburg subway station. Lord, we are all tired of these senseless attacks on innocent people. We recognize the world is tending toward decay. However, while weary, we do not want to grow lax in prayer. So we lift up the victims of this bombing. Lord, so many need physical and emotional healing after the attack. And there are so many who grieve the deaths of loved ones. Spread a healing balm over those who suffer. Lord, we also pray for great efficiency for the leaders who are investigating this incident. May they learn the truth about suspect Akbarzhon Jalilov and anyone else who may have been involved. Finally, we express gratitude that the second bomb was discovered and disarmed before killing others. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Prayer for Somali herders in the midst of drought  Photo: AP
Lord, today we pray for Somalis whose livelihoods depend upon herding. It is painful to hear of flocks being decimated by the drought--hundreds of animals from a single herd dying of dehydration, starvation and disease. Lord, we pray for the people of Somalia. We pray for aid from you and from others in the midst of this drought, this national disaster. We pray for the animal vaccination programs to be successful. We pray for the expected rain in April to be not too much, not too little. We pray for families who are separated as herders risk long journeys in the hopes of finding better pasturelands, that they would survive literally and as family units. And we pray for the infrastructure within Somalia, which has been broken for far too long. May wise leaders rise up on every level to truly seek the best of this nation. And may other nations do their part to reach out with generosity and concern to their Somali neighbors. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.