Monday, April 10, 2017

Prayer for special needs students in churches
Lord, today we rejoice in how you are working among special needs students at Calvary Baptist Church in North Carolina, USA. Lord, thank you for calling and equipping teachers Robby and Tammy to work with these special needs adults for many years, teaching them the Gospel and your Word. Thank you for Walk Thru the Bible's "live" Bible curriculum, which engages people from all backgrounds and learning styles with your Word. We are thrilled to hear stories of lives changed and souls saved through this class. Lord, this inspires us to pray for special needs adults and children in churches around the world. We pray that their local brothers and sisters in Christ would see them as you see them and treat them with love and dignity. We pray that leaders will not neglect to impart your love and your Truth with this part of their congregation. Give people perseverance, creativity and resources as they seek to effectively equip these precious children of God to seek and serve you more fully. In Jesus' gracious name we pray, amen. 

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