Friday, May 17, 2019

Prayer about French doctor charged with suspicious deaths
File photograph: Sebastien Bozon/AFP/Getty

Heavenly Father, today we pray for the mystery surrounding Dr. Frederic Pechier and his clinical work in the French eastern city of Besancon. It is quite disturbing to learn that investigators have found evidence linking Pechier to 24 out of 66 suspicious surgical incidents that have occurred at the clinic where he works. It is also distressing to learn that Pechier may have deliberately poisoned patients in order to heroically snatch them from the claws of death—and that nine patients have so far been determined to have died in the process. We pray for the truth to be clearly revealed in this situation so that Pechier’s guilt can be more firmly determined or so he can be exonerated. As this investigation unfolds, please provide clarity to investigators, conviction to those who need to come forward with more information, and comfort to those who grieve. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Prayer about cult-related deaths uncovered in Bavaria, Germany Photo credit: AFP

Lord God, today we pray about the deaths uncovered in Germany that appear to be the result of cult activities. It is so sad and disturbing to learn of the bodies of one man and four women being found, and to learn of their circumstances. We pray for the families of Torsten W, Kerstin E, Farina C, Gertrud C and the unnamed 19-year-old woman as they process not only their loved ones’ shocking deaths—some by cross-bow—but also how they got entangled in such unhealthy circumstances. We particularly pray for the family of the unnamed young woman, who has not yet officially learned of their daughter’s death. Prepare them for this blow, and have a network of support ready to surround them in their time of need. We pray that the truth about this group can be uncovered not for shock value but for the prevention of future similar tragedies. We also pray for the room maid who discovered three of the bodies to recover from her trauma. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Continued prayer against corruption in Romania

Heavenly Father, we continue to pray for the nation of Romania and its battle against corruption. We are thankful for the European Commission’s consistent efforts to expose and end the corruption currently festering within Romania’s judicial system. We pray that the warning letter sent to the Bucharest government last Friday would not fall on deaf ears, but that Romanian leaders will reverse measures that undermine the independence of its courts. Lord, we pray against Romania’s ruling Social Democrats’ efforts to protect corrupt politicians from legal action. May the truth come out about previous corruption, and may future corruption be prevented as much as possible. May the European Commission’s threats to keep Romania from becoming a member of the EU’s passport-free Schengen travel area and possibly limit the distribution of billions of euros in cohesion funds be the teeth needed to force government officials to act. As much as possible, please protect the ordinary citizens of Romania from the harm caused by greedy leaders. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Prayer against teen prostitution in Minnesota, USA
Photo credit: Carrie Snyder/The Forum
Lord God Almighty, we are absolutely heartbroken to hear the stories of teen prostitution in the state of Minnesota, USA. We are stunned to hear that pimps in Las Vegas call Minnesota “the factory,” because at least one in 10 prostitutes picked up by police in Vegas is from Minnesota. Lord, we pray for the state’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension as they seek to eradicate this scourge, feeling like they have few success stories and comparing the problem to a termite infestation. Grant them the conviction, courage and determination to persevere in their work. Give them keen insight and wisdom as they connect with people within the network, and as they seek creative, effective solutions to this massive, entrenched problem. We specifically pray for Special Agent Quinn-Robinson, detective Wendy Lehner and Minneapolis vice officer Matt Wente as they press on with their work. Protect them and grant them success. We pray for parents in Minnesota, that they would not deny this issue, nor convince themselves that their children are not at risk. May they effectively communicate and connect with their children, as proactive means of protecting them. We pray for the St. Paul recovery center Breaking Free--that this organization and others like it would help women of all ages escape from this abusive, destructive cycle. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Prayer celebrating journalists' release from prison in Myanmar  Photo by Ann Wang/EPA-EFE

Lord God, we celebrate the release of prize-winning journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Seo Oo from Yangon's Insein Prison. Having prayed for these journalists since December of 2017, we rejoice that they have finally been released from their unjust imprisonment by the government of Myanmar. We are so happy to see them looking well after their 511 days in prison. And we are delighted that they are ready to get back to work, sharing the truth of what is happening throughout the world. We continue to pray for the terrible situation for the Rohingya in Myanmar—the story these courageous reporters were attempting to tell. Please grant Wa Lone and Kyaw Seo Oo a successful transition back to “normal” life, and bring healing wherever it is needed. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.  

Monday, May 6, 2019

Prayer surrounding trial of French telecom company Orange
AP Photo/Thibault Camus

Lord God, we pray for the French telecom company Orange, its former chief executive, and five other former Orange executives as they go on trial in Paris this week. Estimated at taking two months to complete, we know this will be a complicated and highly emotional legal process. Lord, these executives are accused of creating an "anxiety-inducing work environment" that drove 31 employees to suicide, with 19 workers successfully killing themselves. It is hard to imagine a workplace intentionally creating such stress, pressure and harassment. However, we also know the power of greed and sin, and that 19 people are dead. Lord God, we fervently pray for truth to come out throughout this trial—truth about the overall corporation, as well as each individual. May no individual who should be convicted avoid that, and may no individual who is innocent be unjustly punished. May this process be as efficient and honorable as possible. We also ask for protection, peace and strength for the grieving as they watch this process unfold and even, in some cases, participate. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Prayer surrounding the murder of Alan Culverwell at the hand of pirates

Heavenly Father, we pray for the family of Alan Culverwell as they grieve his death at the hand of pirates and move forward through the legal process surrounding his murder. Lord, we are thankful that three suspects have been apprehended and charged not only with Mr. Culverwell’s murder, but also with robbery, criminal association and mistreatment of a minor. We pray that the legal process will make very clear whether or not Leandro Herrera, Avelino Arosemena and the minor accompanying them are guilty of these terrible crimes. We pray that these men will repent and turn to you, and that they will apologize to the Culverwell family. We pray for Derryn Culverwell and her children to fully recover from both their physical and emotional injuries. Please raise up for them a loving, supportive network of people to help in the months and years of recovery that lie ahead. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Prayer about shooting at UNC Charlotte (USA)

Heavenly Father, today we pray for the UNC Charlotte community after Tuesday’s shooting on campus. We join the student body, the educators, and the families as they mourn the loss of two students, Riley Howell and Ellis “Reed” Parlier. We thank you for Riley’s bravery in confronting the shooter, Trystan Terrell, and for sacrificing his life to protect everyone else. We pray that you will be with the UNC Charlotte community as they process through their grief and move toward healing. Father, we are grateful for the first responders, for the increased security measures that schools have implemented, and for the targeted training they provide to educate people on how to respond in these situations. We are saddened by the increased gun violence in not only America’s schools but at places of worship, entertainment venues, and in the workplace. God, we pray for your protection and for your wisdom. Encourage our leaders to work together on solutions that will eradicate this violence. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree starting in the fall. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the First Impressions Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Prayer about Lori Kaye's heroic death protecting her rabbi

Lord God, we are deeply moved by the heroism of Lori Kaye, who laid down her life to protect her rabbi this weekend. We marvel at the courage and quick-thinking she demonstrated when realizing an active shooter was attempting to kill her rabbi. For her to throw herself between the shooter and the rabbi, receiving the bullets into her own body, was an example of the most powerful kind of love. We agree with her friend Roneet Lev’s words, “She didn't die a senseless death. She died advertising the problem we have with anti-Semitism and to bring good to this world.” We pray for Kaye’s husband and young-adult daughter as they grieve and process her heinous death. We pray for Congregation Chabad and the community of Poway in California as they recover from this terrible tragedy. We rejoice that the injured have all been released from their hospitals, and we pray for them to recover emotionally and physically in the months and years to come. And we pray against anti-Semitism in that community and in our world. Amen.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Prayer about Legionnaires' disease outbreak in Flint, MI

Photo credit: Abby Ellis/FRONTLINE

Lord, we want to acknowledge and pray about the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that happened in Flint, MI, about five years ago, and which is still affecting that community today. We particularly pray for those who are still battling the effects of contracting the disease, and in some cases fighting for their lives. Please help them get the best medical care possible and remain strong physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as they battle for their health. Lord, we pray for those who grieve lost loved ones. We know they not only grieve over those missing from their lives, but that some bereaved residents still struggle with the injustice of being given contaminated water and the withholding of timely information that could have possibly saved lives. Help Flint residents resolve these inner struggles, find the peace that passes understanding, and forgive. At the same time, we pray for the truth to come out and for justice wherever it is needed. Please work in Flint, MI, to bring about hope, truth and change as needed. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Prayer for Jeanine Mabunda, first woman elected to DRC’s top legislative role

Lord God, we pray for Jeanine Mabunda, the first woman elected to her nation’s top legislative role, as she helps lead the Democratic Republic of Congo. As speaker of parliament, may she lead the house of assembly with excellence, wisdom, confidence and integrity. May she have the support she needs to move the nation in a positive direction. We are thankful for Mabunda’s work in the fight against sexual violence and the recruitment of child soldiers. We pray for even more progress in these areas now that she is in a higher legislative position. Lord, we continue to pray for the DRC as they await the nomination of prime minister for the country. Please grant President Felix Tshisekedi wisdom as he seeks to appoint someone to this key role. May the DRC seek your blessing in the years to come. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Thanksgiving that entire crew survived helicopter crash

Lord, in the midst of our grief over the bombings in Sri Lanka, we celebrate the good news that the entire crew of the helicopter that went down off New Zealand has been found alive and well. When this chopper, carrying two pilots and a medic, disappeared on its flight to do a medical evacuation, loved ones were so concerned. Then to find wreckage but no people… we are delighted that all three were found walking on a beach and that they have been evacuated to safety and to receive any necessary care. We pray for the investigation into what happened in this incident. May it be a productive investigation that will help prevent similar incidents in the future. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Good Friday prayer

Jesus, today the skies are gray in our hearts as we consider the sacrifice you made. If we take even a moment to ponder your horrific death at our hands, we must acknowledge the wickedness of our hearts and flesh. Yet you submitted to our demands. You received the punishment intended for us. You experienced your first-ever separation from your Heavenly Father. And you died. We thank you with all our hearts. We thank you by offering our lives to your service in response. And we say on this "Good" Friday that you are the One who is good. You are the One who let your goodness overflow into our lives, paying for our sins, changing our hearts. And we say with resounding jubilation that we celebrate the victory that is to come! Your death took the bite out of sin, the power from the enemy. Now we can all have HOPE! Thank you for the cross. Amen.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Prayer as Notre Dame burns

Heavenly Father, as we watch Notre Dame burn, we agree with Cardinal Timothy Dolan that, “This Holy Week teaches us that, like Jesus, death brings life. Today's dying, we trust, will bring rising.” We are so grieved by this loss to the Catholic church, to France, to history and culture, to the world. That is why we celebrate the words of Christ-followers like Cardinal Dolan, who direct us to the victory found in Jesus, which is highlighted this Easter week. We do pray for safety for all those involved with fighting this fire and then repairing the glorious cathedral. We pray for wisdom for those who lead the efforts. We pray for funding for restoration. And, Lord, we pray most of all that this place will continue to point people to you for centuries to come. And, as Cardinal Dolan pointed out, may we focus on Jesus this week: his death, his sacrifice for us, his resurrection. Rather than the fire bringing only dismay, we trust you will bring rising from this death by drawing more people’s attention to what Notre Dame stands for and the power of Holy Week. In Jesus’ victorious name we pray, amen.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Praise for sex trafficking sting operation in Minnesota
Heavenly Father, we praise you for the successful sting operation at the Final Four tournament in Minneapolis that brought freedom to 28 sex trafficking victims. Thank you for the members of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension who executed the operation and for providing a venue that was conducive to carrying it out. Father, we can only imagine what these victims’ lives have been like while in captivity. We pray that you provide them with the full support they need to process through and overcome this difficult situation. For the 58 people who were arrested, we are grateful that they have been detained and are no longer in a position to cause harm. Convict them of their sin, soften their hearts, and draw them to you as they seek redemption for their wrongdoing. Father, we pray for the BCA and local community organizations across the country who are committed to tackling this crisis. We ask that you provide them with the necessary resources and insight to continue pursuing this cause. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree starting in the fall. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the First Impressions Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Prayer about violence against Rohingya people in Myanmar
Heavenly Father, today we pray for the Rohingya people. Last week an estimated 30 Rohingya bamboo workers were killed during an aerial assault by the Myanmar military. This latest attack is just part of a growing conflict in western Myanmar. Over the past few years, nearly a quarter million Rohingya have been displaced from their homes and villages and thousands more have died. Father, this is a people that desperately needs you to intervene on their behalf. They are without a land to call their own, fleeing to neighboring Bangladesh or living along the border. We pray that this violence will end. We pray that the Rohingya people can return to their land and live in peace. We pray that you sustain them and provide for them during this time of crisis. We lift them up in Jesus' name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree starting in the fall. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the First Impressions Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Prayer about church fires in Louisiana
Father God, today we pray for the recent string of fires in Louisiana that have either destroyed or significantly damaged three Baptist churches within St. Landry Parish. We are grateful that these churches were vacant at the time and therefore there weren’t any casualties. We pray that as the FBI and ATF continue their investigation that the cause becomes clear very quickly, and should this be a case of arson, that the people responsible are found and stopped from any further attempts. We pray for the congregations of each of these churches, that you give them hope, guard their hearts from fear, and help them to feel safe in you. We pray for the pastors as they continue to lead and as they make decisions about rebuilding and securing their buildings going forward. Lord, as these are predominantly black churches that were affected, we pray that these fires were not based on race. We wholeheartedly pray against racism. Father, we love you and we seek your guidance in all things. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree starting in the fall. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the First Impressions Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Prayer for Ugandan man and American woman held by kidnappers

Heavenly Father, we pray for American Kimberley Sue Endecott and Ugandan Jean Paul, who are currently being held by gunmen demanding a ransom for their return. Please protect them from violent harm and give them the peace that transcends understanding. Work through them to calm and convict the kidnappers. We pray for the joint American and Ugandan security teams, who have cut off all exit areas on the border between Uganda and the DRC. May they find and safely extricate the victims. We pray against the gunmen harming or capturing anyone else in their desperation. We also pray for the elderly couple that was robbed but left behind in the same incident. We are thankful they were not captured, and we pray for their emotional healing from this trauma. Again, Lord, we pray for Kimberley Endecott and Jean Paul to be freed without violence. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Praise for China's curbing of fentanyl production and

Lord God, today we rejoice in the Chinese government’s decision to curb the manufacture and export of synthetic forms of the opioid fentanyl, as well as to ban the altering of the drug's chemical structure to circumnavigate the law. We are thankful that all forms of fentanyl will be considered controlled substances within China as of May 1. We do pray China will have great success in limiting the production and exportation of this dangerous, highly addictive substance. Lord, we know America’s opioid crisis breaks your heart. With overdose deaths topping 70,000 in 2017--the most in a single year in US history, we fervently pray for effective measures in curbing this plague among Americans and within other nations that struggle. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Prayer about conflict in Apurimac mining area of Peruvian highlands    File Photo by Mauricio Duenas/EPA

Lord, we pray about the current conflict in the Apurimac mining area of the Peruvian highlands. With indigenous farmers blocking a road used by a copper mine for 54 days now, tensions are high. The arrest of community leaders, charges of extortion, and concerns about pollution have just added fuel to the fire of confrontation. Lord, we pray for your peace to descend upon the region. We pray for Peruvian governmental leaders to accept the offer of clergy members to help mediate between the government and the indigenous population. We pray that resolution can be found that will protect the farmers’ crops and allow the mine to continue operating (unless there is a good reason it should not). We are thankful for the 2007 United Nations declaration that protects the rights of indigenous peoples to "enjoy and practice their cultures," as well as "develop and strengthen their economies" and social and political institutions. We pray for clarity in determining how that applies to the current conflict. And, Heavenly Father, we pray for continual, long-term progress in mending relations between indigenous and other groups within the nation of Peru. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Prayer and thanksgiving for the work of midwives in isolated communities and beyond

Lord God, we pray for the work of midwives around the world, particularly those who provide what is the only option for mothers delivering in poor and isolated communities. We are thankful for these women and men who sacrifice comfort, sleep and more in order to be available to delivering mothers at all times and in all conditions. Please bless them for their efforts and protect them as they go about their work. We want to specifically pray for these midwives today: Tahmina of Bangladesh, Ekkachai of Thailand, Revika of Indonesia, and Charlene and Joy of the Philippines. Please continue to work through them to deliver healthy babies, care for the well-being of mothers, and dispel myths surrounding childbirth in their communities. We pray for those individuals in communities who desire to receive midwifery training but face obstacles—may they overcome these obstacles so they can provide this life-saving service to those around them. Please provide midwives in communities who lack them. There is so much more we celebrate when it comes to midwives’ work! We are thankful your Holy Spirit intercedes for us so you can receive our gratitude even without adequate words (Romans 8:26). In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Prayer for woman robbed in Manchester while having seizure

Heavenly Father, today we pray for Leonora Royce, who was robbed by a pack of thieves while having a seizure in Manchester, England, last week. Lord, we are thankful Ms. Royce was not more seriously injured. We do pray she will recover from her minor injuries and receive the needed dental work as soon as possible. We also pray against any more serious damage that may have been sustained and has not yet been detected, recognizing that seizure disorders are complicated. We are thankful you see all that is going on in her body and can protect her from that. We do pray for Ms. Royce’s emotional recovery. It dismays us to know that people would take advantage of someone in her most helpless state, rather than providing her the medical attention she needed at the time. We celebrate her stated courage that she will not allow this attack to keep her away from her job in the city nor disrupt her daily life. Please sustain her resolve as she continues to recover from this trauma. We also celebrate the keen observation of the Manchester City Council CCTV operators who alerted the police, as well as the officers’ quick response time. We are thankful that one man has been arrested in connection with this crime and pray that the rest of the attackers will also be captured soon. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Prayer for cruise ship rescue operation happening off Norway

Lord God, we pray for the 1,300 passengers and crew members being evacuated today from a cruise ship off Norway. With the evacuation underway through Saturday night and into Sunday, we pray for your protection over the entire process, and we are thankful that there are no major injuries as of now. Lord, we know these processes are not easy. In fact, with a nearby freight vessel already losing engine power and thus forcing authorities to divert resources to help that ship's crew, we know many things can go wrong. So we ask your blessing on the rescue operation. We also pray for the peace that passes understanding to descend upon those awaiting rescue on the vessel. May both formal and informal leaders rise up to set a positive, creative attitude, so people can use the time between now and their evacuation in the best possible ways. May people behave selflessly, helping the environment to stay calm and the process to go smoothly. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Thanksgiving for dog who alerted owner to burning home

Lord, amid all the tragedies worldwide, we are thankful to hear happy stories as well. We are continually amazed by the stories from around the globe that involve four-legged friends notifying loved ones of danger. Today we rejoice in the family who escaped their burning Florida home, thanks to their neighbor’s dog. We are thankful that Amber Walker’s dog Angel alerted Walker to the flames next door. We are also thankful that Amber and her brother were able to notify their neighbors in time for them to escape. We pray for the family whose house sustained severe damage, that they will find safe shelter and will be able to focus on gratitude even while mourning the loss of their home and possessions. Help them move forward with joy. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Prayer about lost flight and aviation issues in Amazonia

Lord, today our prayers turn toward Amazonia, where flight regulations have brought about some serious concerns for indigenous residents. First, we pray for the flight taken by pilot Jeziel Barbosa de Moura in December. We know Jeziel and his seven Amazonian Indian passengers encountered adverse conditions and needed to make an emergency landing, but that is the last anyone heard from them. Despite a two-week search by the Brazilian Air Force and several more weeks’ searching by friends and relatives of the lost, there is no sign of the aircraft or passengers. You know where that craft landed. We pray for the airplane to be found so that people can have closure. If there are any survivors in the wilderness, we ask you to sustain them and get them to help. Lord, we also pray for the larger issue of the lack of air traffic control in the Amazon and other remote parts of Brazil--which disproportionately affects its indigenous population. We pray for airstrips to be upgraded so they can become legal, and thus pilots can fly without subterfuge. We pray that the Civil Aviation Authority will make good on the ruling passed six years ago requiring it to do just that: upgrade airfields. We also pray for other solutions for those Amazonian residents who are required to take dangerous flights in order to collect pensions. Lord, we know this situation is complicated. We do pray it will be prioritized so that solutions can be found and efficiently implemented. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Prayer about investigation of recent airplane crashes and the 737 MAX

Lord, we pray for the investigation of what caused the recent crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409, which may be related to the crash of Lion Air Flight 610. We pray for success for the investigators in France who will begin analyzing the crashed Ethiopian Airlines jet’s black boxes on Friday. With Ethiopia overseeing the investigation, with the help of France and the United States (the only two nations with the experience gained from being present at almost every crash involving a Boeing or Airbus), we pray that everyone involved can be unbiased, diligent, and keenly observant. With the grounding of Boeing Co’s 737 MAX 8 and 9 planes around the world, we know this is a big deal. Everyone wants answers in order to prevent future accidents. Please grant wisdom and insight. And, Lord, we pray for the airlines scrambling to reschedule and reassign flights without the use of these grounded planes. Help them to be efficient and gracious, and may inconvenienced passengers also extend grace. We are hopeful that this process will go as well as possible and ask for your blessing and guidance. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Prayer about school collapse in Lagos, Nigeria PC: Reuters

Almighty God, we pray about the rescue operation happening right now in the Nigerian city of Lagos, following the collapse of a four-story building that included a school. With 100 students attending the school and only 40 pulled so far from the rubble, our hearts join with those families still urgently seeking their children or for loved ones from other parts of the building. Lord, we pray for your intervention in Lagos right now. We pray the crowds will stay out of the way—that no gawkers will interfere, but only those helping the search will stay in the vicinity. We pray for the safety of those digging through the rubble, that no one else will get injured during this desperate search. We pray for efficiency, the right equipment, good strategy, endurance, and hope as people persevere in the search. Lord, we pray for all who survived the collapse to be released from their entrapment before it is too late. And we pray for quick and quality medical care for everyone who needs it. Lord God, we are looking for more good news in Lagos today in the midst of the wrenching grief. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Prayer about massive plane crash in Ethiopia

Lord, we are absolutely sick to our stomachs and broken-hearted about Sunday’s airplane crash in Ethiopia! In this immediate aftermath, people are reeling with the information and trying to make sense of what happened on flight ET 302. First, we pray for those trying to confirm whether their loved ones were among the 157 who died in this terrible event. We pray that they will indeed get their confirmation one way or another. Next, we pray for the grieving—those who have lost loved ones, the nation of Ethiopia, the other nations represented on the flight, and people around world. Bring peace. May people find comfort in you. May people rally around each other as they process this life-altering news. Third, we pray for the investigation into what happened. We are thankful for Ethiopian Airlines’ excellent reputation and for the exemplary flight record and years of experience behind the pilot. With an almost total loss of the craft, we pray for investigators to have great wisdom and success as they seek answers among the rubble and among the data. Heavenly Father, please guide, direct and comfort us as we deal with this tragedy. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Prayer in response to racist hotel practices in Alice Springs, Australia

Heavenly Father, today we are dismayed to learn of clearly racist practices implemented at a hotel in the Northern Territory of Australia. We are thankful that the truth came out about the Ibis Styles Alice Springs Oasis’ mistreatment of Aboriginal guests. We pray now for corrective measures and appropriate consequences to be effectively and swiftly implemented. Lord God, we know that the emotional impact on Alice Springs, the immediately surrounding communities, and the broader Aboriginal community in Australia will be significant. We pray for comfort, healing and hope for those who have been directly and indirectly impacted by the revelation of this blatant racism against their communities. We pray for continued growth in each of our hearts, that we might acknowledge the intrinsic dignity in each human being, and consistently practice the love of Christ toward all. We pray against racism in Australia, that efforts against this blight will prevail. In Jesus’ glorious name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Prayer for immigrants still entrapped in slavery after the Russia World Cup       Photo credit:  REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Heavenly Father, we pray for the women who were brought into Russia for the World Cup on fan IDs, only to find themselves held captive as sex slaves. First, we praise you that Blessing Obuson and handfuls of others have been freed, and that Blessing is working to bring attention to this issue. We pray for Blessing and the other freed women to recover from their trauma and to find asylum in whatever nation is best for their situations. Next, we pray for those women who are still enslaved nine months after the World Cup. With 1,863 Nigerians entering Russia on fan ID for the World Cup and not having left the country yet, we are concerned about how many of these men and women are entrapped in dangerous situations. We pray for the Moscow authorities and NGOs that are seeking to find these missing people and address trafficking in their community. May they find success and have the resources they need. May they persevere despite opposition. Finally, Lord, we pray even now for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, for which fan ID is also being considered. We pray for Qatar to be proactive in preventing this blight in their nation surrounding this international event. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Prayer for Alabama and Georgia after tornado devastation

Lord God, we pray for rescuers and weather authorities as they search Alabama and Georgia, following the deadly tornadoes that hit these states Sunday. First of all, we pray for survivors who remain in peril. We pray that these people may draw on rich reserves of strength and resourcefulness in order to hold on until help arrives. Please lay it on hearts and minds to search areas that have not yet been searched—guiding rescuers to where people need assistance. Next, we pray for those who grieve the loss of loved ones, since at least 23 people perished in these storms. Comfort the ones left behind deep within their souls as they process this grievous blow. We pray for those whose lives have been upended and property lost. May they find shelter, food, etc., as needed, and may they have the courage and resources to begin anew. Finally, we pray for blessing and protection over those who are helping in any way—whether providing medical assistance, doing weather research, meeting emergency needs, searching the rubble, or planning to help with longer-term needs. We pray these people will persevere with their work until they have success. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Praise about release of Yazidi captives

Heavenly Father, today we celebrate the group of Yazidi women and children released by the Islamic State to return home to Iraq! After more than four years in captivity, we rejoice that these survivors have a chance to heal and to live freely among their own people again. We are thankful for the Kurdistan Regional Government’s efforts to bring these women and children home. Lord God, you know what lies ahead for them. You know the trauma they’ve experienced and the devastating losses to their community, due to ISIS’ genocidal intentions toward them. Please bring people and resources into their lives to help them recover and thrive. Draw them close to you. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Prayer about deadly train station fire in Cairo PC: EPA

Heavenly Father, we pray for Cairo as the city recovers from another deadly train accident. We pray for those who grieve the loss of the 20+ people who died. We pray for identification of those who have not yet been confirmed, so that families and friends can know what happened and begin the process of closure. We pray for the injured, that they would receive efficient, thorough, effective medical care as quickly as possible. May these patients show amazing resilience as they recover from their physical and emotional injuries. We pray for the business owners whose livelihoods were destroyed as the platform and nearby buildings were covered in flames. May they begin anew and recover from this loss on every level. And, Lord, we pray for a successful investigation of what went wrong. May the cause of this tragedy come to light and be appropriately addressed. May the national and local government, along with railway management, discern how to best improve this transit system, specifically its safety record. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Prayer following historic summit on clergy sexual abuse

Lord, we are thankful for the historic summit that happened this weekend in order to address the scourge of sexual abuse within the worldwide Catholic church. We join in the lamentation over a lack of concrete steps—or at least the indication of any. But we continue to pray that the increased awareness and the proposed ideas will gain momentum within the church worldwide. We particularly pray about the presented suggestions of creating a code of conduct for bishops, making the church more transparent, and establishing protocols for handling accusations against bishops. May these options be implemented with excellence in the near future. We also continue to pray for the victims all around the world of so many different ages, who seek healing of the abuse they suffered at the hands of those who were to represent you in their lives. May they experience your mercy, grace and love in a beautiful, unsullied way, so they may move forward with their recovery. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Prayer for the children of Haiti in the aftermath of the nation's unrest

Heavenly Father, we join Compassion International in praying for the children of Haiti. After weeks of anti-government protests and riots, we are thankful that things are stabilizing in Haiti and that Compassion offices and centers have been able to reopen. We pray that Compassion’s church workers and students will be able to quickly reconnect, and that workers will be able to assess what the children’s needs might be after this period of unrest in the nation. We pray specifically for children and family members who have been injured, burglarized or displaced from their homes. We also pray for restoration of both peace and the property that has been damaged or taken from individuals. Please protect both the workers and children as they recover from this tumultuous time. And please grant Prime Minister Jean-Henry Ceant success as he launches investigations into government spending and corruption. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Prayer for missing Hugo Palmer and Erwan Ferrieux in New South Wales, Australia

Heavenly Father, today we join prayer forces with those who search for missing Hugo Palmer and Erwan Ferrieux in New South Wales, Australia. We are thankful that the search continues as a rescue operation with hopes of finding these young men alive, despite the air and sea search aspect being called off. Lord, we pray for these two young men, whatever their circumstances. Please be with them. If anyone knows anything about their whereabouts, please compel them to come forward immediately, despite how insignificant they may feel the detail is. We ask for protection and wisdom for the searchers. Grant them keen insight as they consider all possibilities. We pray for Palmer and Ferrieux’s loved ones to hold onto hope and peace as they await a positive word. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Thanksgiving for eight miners rescued in Zimbabwe

Lord, today we rejoice over the eight artisanal miners rescued in Zimbabwe after being trapped underground since Tuesday. We celebrate rescuers’ determined efforts. We pray that these miners will receive excellent medical care today and in coming days. Please also help them heal from the mental and emotional trauma caused by their experience, as well as the knowledge that friends and coworkers did not escape. Lord, as dozens of miners are still missing, we pray for continued success for the rescuers. We particularly pray for supernatural direction to find those miners who are still clinging to life. May more survivors be quickly found. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Praise for successful crime sweep in Brazil

Heavenly Father, we rejoice in the success of Brazilian police’s raids this week that resulted in 326 arrests. We are thankful police were proactive in preventing attacks related to the prison transfer of a high-profile, criminal gang leader known as Marcola. We are excited about the apprehension of 100 people with pending arrest warrants and the retrieval of 64 vehicles that had been reported stolen. We pray for continued success in thwarting organized crime in the nation, and for the specific plan that Marcola and 21 other prisoners’ transfer to a more distant prison will prevent them from operating their networks. Grant Brazilian leaders and law enforcement continued creativity, diligence and courage as they seek to decrease organized crime in their country. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Prayer about polar bear invasion of Novaya Zemlya, Russia

Lord, today we pray for the northeastern Russian community of Novaya Zemlya, which is being invaded by polar bears. This small town of about 2500 people having up to 10 polar bears within its territory at a time has changed people’s routines and brought a great deal of fear. Please be with this community as the people try to discern solutions. Calm their fears. Protect them from dangerous encounters. Help them learn new safety habits to adapt to this situation. We are thankful for the deterrence tools that are being set up and for the World Wildlife Fund’s efforts to help communities like this. Again, we pray for safety, particularly for children on their way to and from school. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Prayer for Venezuela as President Maduro refuses to accept foreign aid for the nation

Heavenly Father, we pray again for Venezuela, where crises are reaching a boiling point. We specifically pray about the bridge connecting Venezuela to Colombia that has been blocked by the Venezuelan government, which is refusing to accept the aid scheduled to arrive there. With the massive food and medicine shortage, it is hard to imagine this country refusing to receive aid for its civilians, but we know political factors dominate. We do pray about the conflict between Venezuela's opposition leader and self-declared president Juan Guaido versus embattled President Nicolas Maduro. With major countries around the world backing Guaido and pledging millions of dollars in aid, Maduro is on very shaky ground. We pray for a peaceful resolution and for the best outcome possible for the people of Venezuela. We pray for Venezuela’s military leaders to exercise great wisdom and caution in the midst of this political showdown. Please be with the people of Venezuela as they continue to suffer and seek answers. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Prayer for northeastern Australia in the midst of record-breaking flooding

Heavenly Father, we pray for northeastern Australia as thousands of Townsville residents have been forced from their homes by record-breaking flooding –with more rain still on the way. First, we rejoice that no deaths have been reported, despite the floodwaters forcing some people to take shelter on the roofs of their homes. With the additional threat of power outages, as well crocodiles and snakes being washed into residential streets, we ask protection for rescue workers and those trying to flee. We pray for people to proceed with wisdom and caution as they deal with intense flash flooding and treacherous, sometimes deceptive, water flows. We also pray that the Ross River Dam holds strong, despite being stretched well past its capacity. We pray for medical needs to be met, despite traveling obstacles and power outages. Finally, we pray for your peace to descend upon the Townsville area during this time of trial. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Prayer about February Gospel outreaches to Venezuelans

Lord God, we pray about the large outreach happening in Venezuela, beginning Sunday. We are so concerned about Venezuela, experiencing possibly the world’s worst current economic crisis. Hyperinflation, food and medicine shortages, inconsistent electricity, rioting, political instability, sporadic school attendance… so many huge issues! So, Lord, we continue to bring these concerns before you. We ask for your intervention. We pray for the root issues to be resolved. But we also pray for this very specific outreach of Bible distribution and Gospel meetings. In the midst of the hopelessness and despair, may the 45,000 Bibles reaching Venezuela February 3 provide encouragement for those who receive them. May they bring light and truth into lives. May Franklin Graham’s Gospel festival happening in the border town of CĂșcuta, Colombia, bless both Colombians and the displaced Venezuelans now living there. May these distributions of Hope do a great work in Venezuela, along with the medical care and shelter Samaritan’s Purse is also providing, which we ask you to continue to bless. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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