Friday, September 30, 2016

Prayer about the Srebrenica genocide

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Lord, 20 years ago Bosnian Serb forces attacked the town of Srebrenica and killed over 7,000 Muslims that were supposedly under the care of United Nations peacekeepers. You saw this travesty. You grieved over this tragedy. Lord, in some ways it seems so long ago. Yet people still grieve for many reasons. They still miss their loved ones. They desire justice. They would like the world to acknowledge their pain, rather than deny that this event happened. Lord, we pray with them about these concerns. And we pray for those legal trials that are still occurring. May truth come to light. May people be compelled to speak honestly. May those who have harbored dark secrets for decades confess. And, Lord, we pray about the 1,000+ dead who have not yet been identified. Heavenly Father, may scientists, law enforcement and anyone else involved have efficiency, resources and determination as they seek to bring closure for these families. Lord, most of all, please work in the hearts and lives of those who grieve. We live in a fallen world. We deal with tragedy every day. We do not always receive justice. We do not always find closure. Lord, we still ask for these things--justice and closure--but we also ask for your peace that passes understanding--your peace that guards hearts and minds even when it doesn't seem peace should be possible. Bless those who grieve in and around Srebrenica with this kind of peace in you. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Prayer against counterfeit anti-malarial drugs  Photo: Getty Images
Lord, today we grieve with parents who have watched their children die of malaria. Not only have they watched their children die from this disease, but they expected the children to get better, because they knew they had administered appropriate medication. However, they didn’t know the medication was counterfeit. Lord, it is absolutely astounding that people would continue to mass-produce and distribute fake medications that will cause people to die—unnecessarily—every single day. Lord, please don’t just prick the consciences of the perpetrators…sear their consciences! Lord, may they be deeply convicted of their direct role in the deaths of others. We pray the same for the officials and inspectors who accept bribes to turn a blind eye to this lethal practice. We pray for success for those organizations and companies that are working hard to defeat this deadly counterfeit industry. May they educate, reach, multiply and succeed. May parents who seek lifesaving medication for their children be able to confidently find the correct products. We pray in Jesus’ powerful name, amen.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Prayer about food shortage in Venezuela

Photo credit: John Moore/Getty Images.
Lord, today we pray again about the food shortage in Venezuela. Most of us cannot fathom having to begin waiting in line at 3 AM to receive basic food staples. We cannot imagine feeding our children only once per day, or taking them out of school because we cannot afford transportation or school supplies. Lord, we pray for the children of Venezuela. We know this is not just a short-term problem. We know it’s not just about them not getting enough to eat now. It’s about their long-term health. It’s about their long-term education. And the children’s long-term health and education affect the future of the nation. Lord, please give the leaders of this nation wisdom, creativity and a willingness to sacrifice in order to care for and guide their people. We pray for Venezuelans to show the best of their character in the midst of this desperation, rather than the worst. We pray for determination and creativity as parents seek to provide for their children. And we pray for strength for the children, even when they aren’t getting enough to eat. Please sustain them, Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Prayer for Christians in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan

Lord, today our thoughts and prayers turn toward those Christians living in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Lord, we grieve that the Nuba people are so gravely mistreated by their government because of their faith. It is always sad when people lose their homes, jobs, freedom and even their lives because they choose to follow you. Thank you that our citizenship is in heaven. Thank you that our rewards are in heaven. Thank you for hearing the cries of the martyrs. You promise all these things in your Word. Please sustain those who are being persecuted for their faith in Sudan. Please help the truth to come out about what is happening so that the international community will put pressure on the right leaders. We pray against Sudan having success in implementing Shariah law. Lord, be glorified today in Sudan. In Jesus' name we pray, amen. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Prayer for pastors facing the death penalty in Sudan
Lord, today we pray for the trial of Pastors Abdulraheem Kodi and Kuwa Shamal Abu Zumam, who are being charged in Sudan with espionage, war against the state, etc. Lord, we ask for mercy. We ask for truth to prevail. We do not want these men to be executed for their faith. We also pray for Czech pastor Petr Jasek and Darfuri human rights activist Abduelmoneim Abdulmwlla, who are being detained under similar charges. Lord, it grieves us when governments hunt down and harass people because of their faith. Please glorify yourself in the midst of this ugliness. Please give these men great courage and peace as they stand for you in this legal maelstrom. Please rally support around their families, including Zumam’s seven children, as they face the possibility of losing their father/husband/son/brother. Lord, make your presence known throughout this entire process. And compel people to act, pray and speak out. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Prayer for Nadia Murad and Amal Clooney in their legal pursuit of ISIS
Lord, today we rejoice that Nadia Murad and her legal representative Amal Clooney are moving forward to bring legal action against ISIS. Lord, bless these women for their courage. Please watch over and protect them. Give them favor at every turn as they attempt to induce justice as ISIS continues to wipe out the Yazidi people, as well as other people groups. We do pray the United Nations would give serious consideration to how they can help bring justice to all the women and girls who have been kidnapped, raped and abused by ISIS. We pray the U.N. Security Council would take seriously Murad and Clooney’s request to focus on genocide against Yazidis. May the council not only consider, but act! Again we ask: please guide and protect Murad and Clooney each step of the way as they pursue this legal battle. May their efforts bring about change. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Prayer for the Philippines' war on drugs   Photo credit: Alecs Ongcal for NPR
Father, today we pray for the Philippines. We have such mixed feelings about President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs, Lord. We are stunned that 3000 people have been killed by police since Duterte took office in June. We are amazed that more than 700,000 drug addicts and users have turned themselves in to authorities, motivated by fear for their lives. We are thrilled that crime rates have dropped so significantly and that some fiercely addicted individuals have managed to stop using drugs. Lord, we pray for the government as they face this massive number of addicts that they are not equipped to help. Raise up organizations and ministries to help these drug addicts get long-term help. May neighbor help neighbor, friend help friend. Of course, Lord, we ask that these people turn to you for true healing and fulfillment. And, Lord, we ask you to meet their needs in deep ways so they might not feel the desperation to turn to substances to dull their pain. Lord, we also pray for police officers to not mistakenly shoot innocent people. We pray that they would also show mercy as appropriate. And, Lord, may truth come out when people are punished or even killed unjustly. May this massive war on drugs lead ultimately to revival in this land as people are faced with life-and-death choices. In Jesus, the Healer's, name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Prayer for North Korea after devastating floods  Photo credit: AFP.
Lord, today we pray for North Korea in the aftermath of terrible flooding. With almost 30,000 homes and 900 public buildings destroyed, this is a devastating blow to the nation. More significant, we grieve the loss of an estimated 138 lives, with hundreds of other people still missing. Lord, help the missing people be found quickly. May people band together to rebuild. May the government show mercy to its people and provide effective assistance. We pray for the tens of thousands of displaced people, that they would find shelter, that their neighbors and loved ones would show generosity toward them. We pray for wise planning for the future, so flash flooding will not be as likely to cause such damage again. We also pray that your love would shine in the midst of sorrow, and that--even dealing with devastation--people would have hope. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Prayer for outreach at the Paralympics  Photo credit: Getty
Lord, today we pray for the Paralympics, taking place right now in Rio de Janeiro. Lord, please bless, protect and guide the athletes, coaches, etc., who have descended upon this city. Draw them close to you. We pray that the believers among them will shine your light not only as they compete, but as they interact, train, prepare and go about their daily routines. We also pray for the Jesus 4 All movement that is represented at the Paralympic games. May the videos they have created that feature Paralympic athletes’ testimonies reach many people with your Good News. May the mission’s evangelism, outreach, social service, arts, and communications efforts all meet with success as they minister to the people from all around the world that have gathered for this momentous athletic event. Lord, reveal yourself in Rio de Janeiro. May the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games be a time when you are magnified. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Prayer for Madaya
Lord, today we plead with you to unleash your mercy in the town of Madaya, Syria. We are so sad that at least six children and teens -- the youngest a 12-year-old girl -- and seven young adults have attempted suicide in the past two months. Lord, you see these tired, hopeless people. You see this city, suffering under siege for over a year. You see people starving and dying, children slipping into depression and forgetting how to sing and play. You see the depraved politics and terroristic activities that keep these people trapped within their town, surrounded by landmines and snipers. Lord, please have mercy. Break through to hearts that will respond and bring aid. Bring creative ideas to those who seek to reach Madaya. Help medical professionals safely reach the town’s borders, so they may bring desperately needed assistance. Lord, most of all, reveal yourself to the people of Madaya so they might find lasting hope. Help your children among the residents hold onto your truth and be lights in this dark place. May they have the courage to speak of you. May their faces shine with your love. May they identify how they can be most effective for you in this sad place. And, Lord, we ask for an end to the conflict that holds these people captive in the first place. In Jesus’ powerful name we pray, amen.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Prayer for rescue from broken cable car in French Alps
Lord, we pray for the rescue operation happening in the French Alps right now. Please help the helicopters safely rescue all 110 people trapped in the broken cable car. May the weather fully cooperate, so that risk is absolutely minimized. We pray for the passengers, that they would remain calm and considerate of each other. May they patiently await their turn as the helicopters make several trips—even appreciating the magnificent views around them as they spend this extended time suspended so high. Please minimize any altitude sickness. We pray for those involved in the operation of the cable car to also remain calm and to determine what caused the malfunction so this can be avoided in the future. Finally, please minimize any trauma for anyone involved in this incident. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.