Friday, June 29, 2018

Prayer for Mexico as people head to the polls after deadly campaign season

Almighty God, we pray for Mexico as this nation heads into the polls this weekend. With an astounding 132 political assassinations in the nine months leading up to this election, Mexico could use all the prayers it can get from your children around the world. First, Lord, we pray for your blessing on the elections, which include presidential, congressional, state and local races. In a nation with 20,506 homicides this year, including 4,381 homicides in May alone, Mexico is in desperate need of good leadership. We pray for your favor on those who would be the best in leading this nation into a healthier future. Next, Lord, we pray for safety as people head to the polls. May people have the courage to vote, and may security be impeccable. We pray against those who seek to manipulate elections through violence, including the rampant drug cartels. Thwart their efforts on every side. Convict their spirits against taking life. And, Lord, we desire a fresh awakening of your Spirit across this land. May people turn to you. May your hope arise in hearts, bringing out the best in people in a country where discouragement could so easily dominate. May acts of kindness, faith, courage and generosity overshadow acts of violence and greed. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Prayer about Gikomba market fire in Nairobi, Kenya

Lord, today we pray about the grievous fire that broke out during the night at the Gikomba market in Nairobi, Kenya. Heavenly Father, we are distraught about the 15 people killed, including children, and the more than 70 injured. Please make your presence known to those who grieve and to those fighting pain and fear. Make a way for each of the injured to receive needed medical care, whether formal or informal. Provide for those whose livelihood was destroyed through the blaze. Give them the fortitude and resources to rebuild or begin a new venture. May the people in this area be generous as they help neighbors who have been negatively impacted by this fire. Lord, we would also like the truth to come out about how the fire began. And we pray against fires in this area in the future, particularly that potential arsonists would be overwhelmingly convicted in their hearts before causing any damage; choosing to bring value rather than destruction to their community. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Prayer for rescue of teenaged soccer team lost in flooded cave in Thailand

Heavenly Father, today we fervently pray for the teenaged soccer team and young coach believed to be trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand. Lord, this must be a living nightmare not only for the teens and their coach, but for their family members, awaiting word about their 13-16-year-old sons and brothers. Lord, we have no idea what is happening for these young men right now, but we pray for your peace to descend upon them so they can think clearly and make wise decisions. We pray for the Thai Navy's Underwater Demolition Assault Unit as they search the tunnels of the Tham Luang cave. Please give them efficiency, determination, safety and hope as they search for these students. Guide them to the right place as quickly as possible. We are so concerned about the pitch blackness, low oxygen in certain areas, and the flood water, Lord. These factors make this search so intimidating. But, Lord, you see in the dark. You can pluck from floodwaters. Give the rescuers resourcefulness as they work around these and other obstacles. Heavenly Father, this is what we desire for these boys: please bring them safely to the surface and return them to their families. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Prayer against sexual violence in India in response to assault of activists   PHOTO: AFP

Lord, we grasp for words when considering the problem of sexual violence in India. It is absolutely overwhelming to read of an 8-year-old girl held captive in a Hindu temple for five days of rape and ultimately murder. We are sick to our stomach to think of girls being gang-raped and set on fire, only to have their attackers “punished” with pushups and small fines. And now to learn of the five women who were protesting sexual violence, only to be dragged to a forest and raped by village leaders! And to know that women who speak out may be murdered or their homes burned down! Lord, we are sick with grief about the problem of sexual violence in India. We are flabbergasted that men could possibly view women and children with such lack of humanity—and then go unpunished. So today, though overwhelmed, we cry out against rape culture in India. We pray for whatever it takes to change that part of the culture. We pray for protection for those who speak out, and for courage for more to join them. We pray for masses of Indian citizens, including law enforcement members and community leaders, to mobilize in protest of this scourge so things can actually change. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Prayer for at-risk youth in Ireland as failings within child protection agency are uncovered
Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

Heavenly Father, today we pray for at-risk children in Ireland, after massive inefficiencies have been discovered in its child protection agency (Tusla). First, Lord, we pray for those children who are in unsafe situations right now—that somehow their cases would rise to the surface as a result of the year-long investigation done by the Health Information and Quality Authority. May Tusla workers check on these young people today and tomorrow, quickly discerning that they need to be moved. May these children receive absolutely all the help they need to return to a healthy situation and to recover from any abuse or neglect they have suffered. May they find the fullest healing possible in you. Second, Lord, we pray for Sergeant Maurice McCabe, who was falsely accused of child abuse and whose case was “lost” for three years. Lord, it is hard to imagine the kind of damage those false accusations and the years of delay caused this man and his family. Please restore them. Please heal them. May the truth come out about those who caused this damage and allowed it to go on for so long. May they repent and make this right. Finally, Lord, we pray for Tusla as the agency seeks to rectify the failings that have been uncovered. May leaders move forward with true humility and repentance, genuinely seeking the best for all involved, but primarily the well-being of the vulnerable children dependent on their protection. We desire that this happen as quickly and effectively as possible. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Prayer about suicide bombings in Damboa, Nigeria  Photo credit: Reuters
Heavenly Father, we pray today for the suicide bombings that took place Saturday in Damboa, Nigeria. We pray for the families who lost loved ones. Comfort them in their time of sorrow. We ask that you save the lives of those who were severely injured and heal them completely. Father, the Nigerian people desperately need your help. This region continues to be a primary target for attacks by Islamist militant groups, and there are tens of thousands of people living in refugee camps. Guide the actions of the government in their attempts to stabilize the region. Bring victory to the military as they continue their efforts to drive out militants from the area. Father, we can only imagine the fear that the residents of Damboa must live with as they anticipate the next attack. We pray that you bring security and peace to the region. Help them to know that you are with them always, and give them hope as they face each new day. We pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree starting in the fall. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the First Impressions Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Prayer about Eurydice Dixon, murdered comedian
Heavenly Father, we are saddened by the tragic death of Eurydice Dixon, a 22-year old comedian from Australia who was raped and murdered earlier this week. We pray for her family and friends as they deal with their grief and the horrific circumstances surrounding her death. May they find peace and comfort in you. Lord, this event brings to light the overall issue of safety and the violence rate against women in Australia. We pray for the Australian government, law enforcement, and other agencies to work together to eradicate this issue. We pray the same for violence against women worldwide as we know this problem is not unique to Australia. Father, we pray for the accused perpetrator, Jaymes Todd. We pray against the evil in this young man's heart. His actions have brought great devastation and will forever change the trajectory of his life. However, we know that you, Lord, are our Great Redeemer. We ask that you change his heart and lead him to repentance and salvation. May he spend the rest of his life pursuing your goodness. In Jesus' name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree starting in the fall. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the First Impressions Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Prayer for Miss Iraq and Miss Israel as they take a stand for peace

Lord, today we pray for Sarah Idan of Iraq and Adar Gandelsman of Israel, two friends who met through the Miss Universe Organization. We are thankful for the friendship between these two women who represent countries at odds with one another. We are impressed that they shared their friendship with the world under the banner of “peace and love.” Lord, it greatly saddens us that these women and their families received death threats as a result of the public acknowledgment of this friendship. We are impressed that they did not take down their photo, nor end their friendship, despite these threats. We ask your protection of them and their families as they continue to publicly demonstrate that we can love and care for people from different nations, religions and ideologies. May their season on this global platform as Miss Iraq and Miss Israel make a difference for Middle Eastern relations. May their examples inspire those who look up to them to work toward harmony. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Prayer for the Aquarius, stranded at sea with 600+ rescued migrants on board

Heavenly Father, we ask your help on behalf of the Aquarius, which is stranded in the Mediterranean Sea with more than 600 rescued migrants on board. Lord, we are thankful for the general work of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and specifically their rescue of these 629 migrants, including 123 unaccompanied minors. With thousands of people dying along this sea route last year, we are thankful MSF has prevented these people from tragedy. But, Lord, now the ship seeks a friendly harbor and, so far, has found none. You know so much more than us about this situation. We rejoice that you know all. EU nations are each trying to figure out what is best for their people and their lands. They are nervous about the massive flow of people crossing their borders. But, Lord, you know more than all of us that these are real people needing true safe harbor. May your Spirit of peace reign on the Aquarius. May your children among the refugees set an example of prayer, hope and faith. May they spread peace among their fellow passengers. And, Lord, we pray for the leaders of both MSF and the involved EU nations as they discern the best solution to this situation. We pray for clear guidance before the two days’ supplies run out for those on-board this ship. We desire the best possible outcome for as many people as possible, and for you to be glorified in this situation. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Personal prayer to prevent suicide

Heavenly Father, so many of us have been touched by the tragedy of suicide. If we have not experienced it within our own close circles, we are grieved by the loss of public figures, or through the stories we read of lives cut tragically short. Suicide is a massive issue that can be overwhelming to tackle on a broad scale. Yet we can tackle it on a personal level. We can ask you to open our eyes to recognize signs around us. We can pray for wisdom in showing love and support to those who struggle--even when they seem resistant. We can intentionally share Hope and Light with those in our lives. We can guard our own hearts, seeking help when we are in our own dark seasons. We can commit to take time for hurting people, even when our lives seem too busy. Today, Lord, we ask for all of these things. We cannot save everyone, but perhaps we can save one. And if we all seek to save one, so many will be saved! In Jesus’ name we humbly pray, amen.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Prayer for Hawaii as it continues to deal with Kilauea eruption    Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Lord, today we pray for Hawaii as this state continues to battle the erupting Kilauea volcano. First, we are thankful no one has been killed as this disaster has unfolded in Hawaii. Despite a month of volcanic activity, not a single life has been lost, in stark contrast to the 70 (and likely more) who have died in Guatemala as a result of Fuego's sudden and unpredicted eruption. We rejoice in the effective evacuations that have taken place, including Sunday's helicopter rescue of three people trapped by lava without phone reception. Yet, Lord, we do not want to belittle the trial Hawaiians are facing during this time. We are saddened by the 117 homes lost. We pray for the hundreds of families and individuals displaced, that they would look to you, and that their loved ones would reach out to support and encourage them. We pray for their financial needs to be met. Grant them peace as they process the loss of beloved homes and the insecurity of knowing their homestead could be so easily destroyed. We pray for continued protection for Hawaiians, both regular civilians and rescue workers. We specifically pray about the laze plume blowing inland. May it dissipate quickly and cause no harm. We also pray for residents who desire to resist evacuation orders, etc. Help them accept that officials are looking out for their safety and the safety of those who may endangered in having to rescue them. May they submit to authority. We desire this volcanic activity to cease soon, that the people of Hawaii may begin rebuilding their affected communities. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Prayer for Guatemala after Fuego eruption and

Lord, today we join the nation of Guatemala in their time of mourning. We grieve those who have already been lost, and we grieve the lost yet to be discovered. Lord, we pray for emergency workers as they seek the injured and trapped. Please protect not only the workers' bodies, but also their minds and spirits as they work in such surreal and tragic conditions. Help them persevere in the midst of devastation. Give them success in rescuing people in peril. We pray for those in peril, that they would hold onto life, strength and courage as long as possible. Give them clear minds to do whatever they can do to reach safety or prolong their lives for rescue. Lord, we pray for the injured, who are so many. May they receive the medical care they need within an efficient timeframe. Provide for their financial needs in the process, through either generous health care providers or the means to receive the care they need. We are thankful for the temporary shelters that have been set up so quickly. May those locations be places of refuge and comfort, rather than fear and conflict. Send volunteers to meet needs and share hope. We pray about the airport. While cleaning and opening it may not seem crucial, we know there are volunteers who are ready to fly in to help during this crisis. We pray for loved ones who have been separated in the midst of this natural disaster. Grant them the peace that passes understanding as they await the time they can be reunited. Give them resourcefulness in finding each other. Heavenly Father, we know Guatemala has a long road to recovery. May we continue to pray for this nation in the weeks and months to come. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Prayer about al Shabaab's takeover of Muqokori, Somalia

Heavenly Father, we pray for the Somali town of Muqokori, which was taken over by the militant Islamist group al Shabaab this weekend. We pray for the town’s residents as they deal with the violence their community has faced in recent months, being controlled alternately between the government and this terrorist group. Give the residents courage, hope, resourcefulness and wisdom. Protect them from further violence. We pray for the government to recoup and to push al Shabaab out of power once again. Numbers are unclear about how many soldiers and civilians have been harmed, but we pray for those who grieve, that they may be deeply comforted, as well as supported in practical ways. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.