Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Prayer for Hawaii as it continues to deal with Kilauea eruption

https://www.sfgate.com/news/us/article/Lava-from-Hawaii-volcano-destroys-117-Big-Island-12966687.php#photo-15589472    Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Lord, today we pray for Hawaii as this state continues to battle the erupting Kilauea volcano. First, we are thankful no one has been killed as this disaster has unfolded in Hawaii. Despite a month of volcanic activity, not a single life has been lost, in stark contrast to the 70 (and likely more) who have died in Guatemala as a result of Fuego's sudden and unpredicted eruption. We rejoice in the effective evacuations that have taken place, including Sunday's helicopter rescue of three people trapped by lava without phone reception. Yet, Lord, we do not want to belittle the trial Hawaiians are facing during this time. We are saddened by the 117 homes lost. We pray for the hundreds of families and individuals displaced, that they would look to you, and that their loved ones would reach out to support and encourage them. We pray for their financial needs to be met. Grant them peace as they process the loss of beloved homes and the insecurity of knowing their homestead could be so easily destroyed. We pray for continued protection for Hawaiians, both regular civilians and rescue workers. We specifically pray about the laze plume blowing inland. May it dissipate quickly and cause no harm. We also pray for residents who desire to resist evacuation orders, etc. Help them accept that officials are looking out for their safety and the safety of those who may endangered in having to rescue them. May they submit to authority. We desire this volcanic activity to cease soon, that the people of Hawaii may begin rebuilding their affected communities. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

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