Friday, June 29, 2018

Prayer for Mexico as people head to the polls after deadly campaign season

Almighty God, we pray for Mexico as this nation heads into the polls this weekend. With an astounding 132 political assassinations in the nine months leading up to this election, Mexico could use all the prayers it can get from your children around the world. First, Lord, we pray for your blessing on the elections, which include presidential, congressional, state and local races. In a nation with 20,506 homicides this year, including 4,381 homicides in May alone, Mexico is in desperate need of good leadership. We pray for your favor on those who would be the best in leading this nation into a healthier future. Next, Lord, we pray for safety as people head to the polls. May people have the courage to vote, and may security be impeccable. We pray against those who seek to manipulate elections through violence, including the rampant drug cartels. Thwart their efforts on every side. Convict their spirits against taking life. And, Lord, we desire a fresh awakening of your Spirit across this land. May people turn to you. May your hope arise in hearts, bringing out the best in people in a country where discouragement could so easily dominate. May acts of kindness, faith, courage and generosity overshadow acts of violence and greed. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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