Sunday, July 25, 2021

Prayer about shipwreck near Crete Heavenly Father, we pray as the rescue operation continues in hopes of recovering all passengers from a sunken sailboat near Crete. We are grateful for the 37 survivors, and we pray for the safe return of the remaining eight passengers who are still missing. We thank you for the efforts from the Hellenic Coast Guard and the Turkish Navy. We pray that these entities will work together cooperatively. Please calm the winds and the waves so that their rescue mission is unimpeded. Lord, we learned that most aboard the boat were migrants from Iraq and Syria. This calls attention to a larger problem: Middle Eastern conflict. Father, we continue to pray for your peace to break through the chaos. For those fleeing the region, please provide safe passage. We pray over the tension between Turkey and the European Union as they disagree on how to best handle this refugee crisis. Drive the leaders toward humility and collaboration; pour out your wisdom on those making decisions. Lord, you hear the cries of those who seek you. We pray for your intervention in this time of great need. In Jesus’ name, amen. Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South: Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional and Creative Writing Concentration. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the Connections Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Prayer about attack on interim president of Mali

Father God, we are grateful that Mali’s interim president, Colonel Assimi Goita, was unharmed after a man attempted to stab him with a knife. We are thankful for the security members who interceded quickly to disarm the attacker. We praise you that none of the worshippers at the Grand Mosque were harmed. Lord, we are aware of the political unrest in Mali within the past decade. We know that Colonel Goita becoming the country’s president is not without controversy. It is our prayer that the government, pro-government militia, and autonomous groups in northern Mali will abide by the peace agreement they signed, and that they will work together toward stability throughout the country. We pray for collaboration and compromise. We pray that you will work in their hearts and point them to you, the Prince of Peace. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South. Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional and Creative Writing Concentration. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the Connections Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Prayer for rescue efforts in flooded Western Europe

Lord God, we are appalled by the current flooding in Western Europe. To know that 46 people are already counted among the dead, with many more suspected to be found later, is so grievous! Lord, our immediate concern is for the rescue efforts currently underway in Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium. We pray for protection over the rescuers, both official and unofficial. We pray for them to move as quickly and safely as possible. May they rescue as many people as possible. We pray for those who are trapped, that they would be ingenious, courageous and tenacious as they seek to survive, draw attention to themselves, or find their own way to safety. As needed, grant superhuman strength. Bless those who are undertaking this rescue work, including those coming from unaffected nations to help. Lord, there will be grieving and rebuilding in the days ahead. We ask for your guidance, provision, comfort and blessing for those huge needs as well. However, today we focus on the rescues. Lord, we pray for as many people as possible to be saved. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Prayer for Johannesburg amid looting and chaos

Almighty God, we pray for South Africa, specifically Johannesburg, as the nation deals with rioting and looting. Lord, you see the grievances of the people as they protest the arrest and imprisonment of former leader Jacob Zuma. You see the concerns they have about their government. However, there is always the line that is crossed from protesting to criminal activity. We are concerned about the businesses that are being sacked, the neighborhoods that are being physically and economically destroyed, and the people who have been killed in the chaos. We pray for peace to descend. We pray for wise government and law enforcement leadership during this time. We pray for enough order to be reestablished that vaccination programs can restart. We pray for the truth to come out about Zuma’s leadership so people can face whatever the facts may be. We pray for safe spaces and healthy outlets for people’s rage and fears. We pray for Johannesburg to quickly recover from this time of destruction before any more lasting damage is done. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



Saturday, July 10, 2021

Prayer for Indonesia as oxygen supplies run low  AP Photo/Tatan Syuflana

Great Physician, we pray for Indonesia as COVID-19 cases soar and oxygen supplies fall. Please bless the nations that help Indonesia during this trying time—as Indonesia blessed India when India called for help. We pray for enough oxygen cylinders, concentrators and ventilators. We pray for the creation of additional effective healthcare centers to treat the surging cases of severe COVID. We pray that industries will pause in their use of oxygen in order to put people’s lives first, but that they will be able to get back to business soon. Lord, we pray that Indonesian leaders will find workable solutions to minimize the spread of this illness. May Indonesians live in such a way as to think of their neighbors’ well-being in addition to their own. For those hoarding oxygen, Lord, we pray that they will share their supplies and that they will not find themselves in a position of later need. We pray for a turnaround in Indonesia’s battle against COVID-19, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Prayer about fatal plane crash in Orebro, Sweden PC: Reuters

Heavenly Father, what began as a happy adventure in Sweden has ended in tragedy. Please comfort those who grieve the deaths of the eight skydivers and one pilot whose plane crashed at Orebro airport. Lord, those left behind long for answers. In the days and weeks to come, may the cause of the crash come to light. In the meantime, grant supernatural peace to those who await the information. Lord, we do not know the stories or names of those who died, but you know everything about them. May these nine individuals be remembered for the good they brought to the world and may any services held in their memory be times of unity and the beginning of closure. Walk closely along the path toward healing with those who must make that journey. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Prayer for Haiti after the assassination of its president

Almighty God, we pray for Haiti as the nation reels from the assassination of its president. We pray for the manhunt underway for the assassins. Lord, whether the perpetrators are in Haiti or abroad, may they be found and brought to justice. May the truth of what lies behind this plot come to light. Father, we pray for the president's widow, Martine Moise, as she fights for her life in a Florida hospital. May she receive exceptional care. May supportive people gather around her to help her recover physically, emotionally and spiritually. We pray for interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who has assumed the leadership of the country. May he lead well in this time of crisis or quickly be replaced. Lord God, Haitians have suffered for a long time. We grieve this new tragedy. May a silver lining be revealed in the dark cloud; may this terrible event ultimately lead to the addressing of big-picture, long-term issues. Make yourself known in Haiti in this dark hour. Draw people to you. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Prayer after mudslide hits Atami, Japan  PC: EPA-EFE/JIJI PRESS

Almighty God, we are awed by the footage of the mudslide that hit Atami, Japan, Saturday morning. For a wave of water and earth to slide through town, taking down houses, cars, utility poles… what power! And to think that this is just one little speck of the huge earth you have created! You are mighty indeed. We ask you, Almighty God, to help the community of Atami as they search for the missing and grieve the dead, as they restore power and eventually rebuild. Give them grace, strength and resources. Bless the efforts of rescue workers, guiding, directing and protecting them. May survivors be found as quickly as possible. May people who have lost homes receive warm and generous hospitality. We also pray that necessary evacuations will happen as efficiently as possible in other parts of the region that are still at risk of mudslides. We pray against any further loss of life due to mudslides in this part of Japan. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



Friday, July 2, 2021

Prayer about mistreatment of migrants in northern Mexico PC: Reuters/Jose Luis Gonzalez

Lord God, we pray about the ongoing border crisis between the United States and Mexico, especially as we learn the results of a recent human rights group report. It is staggering to hear that nearly 3,300 migrants stranded in Mexico since January due to a U.S. border policy have been reportedly kidnapped, raped, trafficked or assaulted. We know that not all statistics are accurate and that these were compiled by independent groups, but we also know that they cannot be completely fabricated. Stranded migrants of a significant number are being gravely mistreated at Mexico’s northern border. Lord God, we pray against the drug cartels, street gangs and human trafficking networks that are active in some areas of northern Mexico near the U.S. border. Thwart their activities. Expose their crime. Keep them from the vulnerable. May they be apprehended. Lord, we know that this overall crisis is huge and that there are refugee crises all over the globe. We pray that Northern and Latin American governments will discern realistic solutions to the issues that cause these crises. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Prayer of lament over 750 unmarked graves found at Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan, Canada 

Heavenly Father, we lament as we learn of at least 750 unmarked graves discovered on the grounds of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan, Canada. We take a deep breath and pray as we anticipate many similar tragedies being uncovered at other former Indian Residential Schools in months and years to come. How do we process thousands of children dying early deaths--away from their families and confined within toxic situations? These precious human beings--made in your image--faced malnutrition, abuse of every kind, illness and deep, soul-crushing loneliness. Their blood cries out to us from the ground, Lord. Where were you, they ask of us. We grieve deeply, Lord, wondering how you could allow this suffering. We think of Habakkuk crying out: “How long, Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you, ‘Violence!’ but you do not save?  Why do you make me look at injustice? Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?” (Hab 1:2-3). We ask for what you promised Habakkuk in response to his cry: that we will look at the nations and be amazed, that you will do something in our day that we would not even believe (v. 5). Reveal yourself as truth is uncovered. Bring peace amid the deep sadness. Bring healing to those who grieve. Grant courage and wisdom to those who can begin to make amends. We lay our requests before you with humility and the necessary mustard seed of faith. Amen.  

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Prayer for continued search and rescue efforts after building collapse in Florida, USA PC: REUTERS/Octavio Jones

Lord God, we continue to pray for search-and rescue teams in Miami, Florida, as they work around the clock to find survivors from Thursday’s 12-story building collapse. We cannot imagine the pain felt by those awaiting news of their missing loved ones. Comfort them in supernatural ways as they process this tragic event and helplessly await news of any survivors. Lord, we are encouraged that Mexico and Israel sent teams to help with the effort, relieving local teams. We are encouraged by local officials and others who have provided aid, such as housing and food, for survivors who have been left homeless and for rescue workers. Please bless generosity of resources and generosity of spirit during this time. We do pray for those who search, including the dogs, as they go about their dangerous work. Please protect and guide them. We pray for equipment to work well and to be used well. We pray for any survivors who are hanging onto life amid the rubble to hold onto hope and to persevere. May they continue breathing and doing what they can to attract attention. Direct rescuers to their locations. Lord, there are so many concerns in this situation, including that truth come out about this collapse. Please actively work amid this tragedy in ways that reveal your power and mercy. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



Thursday, June 24, 2021

Prayer about deadly airstrike in Ethiopia

Father, we are heartbroken over the loss of life from the recent airstrike at a market in Tigray. We grieve for the 30 people who were killed. We are even more distraught as we learn that help was available to the injured, yet medical personnel were denied access to them. Lord, the people of Tigray are living in a war zone and are in desperate need of your intervention. The violence in this area has been escalating due to conflict between the current and former government – political adversaries who are mercilessly at odds. In addition, neighboring military forces from Eritrea have contributed to attacks in the region. Father, this is a dire situation. Please make your presence known among the Tigrayan people. Provide for their needs and give them refuge. Bring peace and stability to the area. Help them to focus their faith on you and to remain unshakeable in these turbulent times. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional and Creative Writing Concentration. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the Connections Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Prayer about deadly gang violence in Mexico

Heavenly Father, we seek you for comfort and guidance as more innocent lives have been lost due to gang activity along the US and Mexico border. We pray for the families and friends of the 14 victims as they are left behind to grieve. We pray for the town of Reynosa, that you will protect the residents from further violence and help them through this traumatic event. Lord, we understand that this region is a strategic location for both drug and human trafficking. We pray that it will no longer be this way, asking that you eradicate the criminal activity from this area and revive these towns. God, we pray for leaders at all levels of government who will work together to fight against these drug cartels and gangs. We know that nothing is impossible for you, Lord, and we ask for your intervention. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional and Creative Writing Concentration. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the Connections Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Prayer about attack against Muslim family in Canada

Heavenly Father, we continue to be stunned and saddened by the prevalence of hate crime in our world today. You command us to love one another as you have loved us, and we have fallen short again. Lord, we grieve for the four members of the Afzaal family who were killed earlier this month when they were intentionally run over by a truck. This incident has changed the life of a family forever, and it has also taken us a step further from peace and unity.  We pray for the nine-year-old boy who did survive. Please heal him physically, and beyond that, help him to see that there is hope in this broken world through a relationship with you. We pray also for extended family, friends, neighbors, and the Muslim community. Father, we thank you that Nathaniel Veltman was quickly apprehended. We are troubled by the hate in this young man’s heart. He, too, is in need of healing. Lord, we are glad for the attention that is being drawn to this incident. May it serve as another reminder to all of how desperately we need you in our lives: For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility (Ephesians 2:14). In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional and Creative Writing Concentration. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the Connections Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Prayer about kidnapping of two sisters in Spain

Heavenly Father, we come to you with great sorrow as we learn about a father – Tomas Gimeno – who has kidnapped his two precious daughters, ages six and one. We are further grieved upon discovering that the oldest, Olivia, has been found dead. Anna is still missing, and the outlook remains grim. We are praying for a miracle that she is found alive. Please lead the authorities to Tomas quickly. Lord, we cannot fathom what would bring a father to do this to his own children. We are deeply concerned for the girls’ mother, Beatriz Zimmerman. Her world has been turned upside down in the most tragic of ways. Father, we ask that you wrap your loving arms around her and keep her close to you. Comfort her through her anger and sorrow and hopelessness. You tell us that those who mourn will be blessed – we cling to this promise. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional and Creative Writing Concentration. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the Connections Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Prayer about gang violence in Nigeria

Lord, we are heartbroken as we read about this latest instance of gang violence in Zamfara, Nigeria. We grieve over the 53 villagers who have lost their lives. We pray that there will be a day when the residents of Zamfara can live a more peaceful life without constant fear of attack. Father, we pray against these assailants. Stop them from inflicting further harm and purge the hatred that is within them! Aid the authorities as they work to impede the efforts of these criminals. Lord, we are further dismayed when we learn that children are being targeted; that they are not safe in their homes or in their schools. We grieve deeply for the crisis in Zamfara, yet we know you are good and faithful and just. We seek you and trust you in all things. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer contributed by guest prayer blogger Brandi South:

Brandi South resides in Chambersburg, PA, with her husband, their daughter, and their two rescue cats. She is employed at Shippensburg University of PA and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, Professional and Creative Writing Concentration. Brandi is a member of Grand Point Church in Chambersburg where she enjoys serving on the Connections Team as a greeter. Some of her favorite scripture passages are Psalm 25 and Ephesians 2.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Prayer for Burkina Faso after terrorists kill 132 civilians  PC: AFP

Heavenly Father, we pray for comfort to descend in Burkina Faso’s village of Solhan. Almighty God, we also pray for justice. We are disgusted to hear that jihadists attacked this village overnight, killing 132 residents (7 of them children) and injuring 40 more. We are dismayed that they overpowered the civil defense and burned numerous homes, as well as the village market. We join with the nation of Burkina Faso in their 72 hours of national mourning. We cry out with them for peace amid this turmoil, for hope for those who mourn, and that those who killed and destroyed would be found out and face justice. We pray for the wounded to heal physically and emotionally. We pray for the community to rally together to rebuild and support one another. We pray for the nation as it faces continual terrorist attacks, that they would come up with a plan to effectively thwart their adversaries. Lord, we grieve with Burkina Faso today. Amid the sorrow, please make your glory known. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


Friday, June 4, 2021

Prayer for Christian couple released after seven years on Pakistani death row

Almighty God, we ask your protection over Shafqat Emmanuel and his wife, Shagufta Kausar, who were recently acquitted of allegedly sending derogatory remarks about the Muslim prophet Mohammed in a text message to another man. We celebrate that they are free after seven years on a Pakistani death row, but we know many would seek their deaths while they are free. We pray that officials would provide security for this couple and their lawyer and that all three (and any family members) would be relocated if necessary. Lord, we are thankful that a European Union Parliament resolution drew attention to Pakistan’s rising blasphemy accusations and vigilante violence. We pray that Pakistan’s government will move toward freedom of religion for its people and eliminate the death penalty for those accused of blasphemy. Lord, we think of this word of truth: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death” (Revelation 12:11). Even while we pray for religious liberty, we also pray that your children would continue to stand for you, regardless of the trials that may come. We humbly pray, amen.  

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Prayer of celebration for little boy who saved his family from drowning

Heavenly Father, we are so glad to celebrate happy endings! We rejoice that a Florida boating incident turned into a story of courage and perseverance. We are thankful, Lord God, that seven-year-old Chase Poust was able to swim for an hour to shore in order to save his family from drowning. We are thankful that Chase’s father, Steven, was able to stay afloat, and that Chase’s sister, Abigail, did not drift too far in her life jacket. We are thankful for helpful neighbors being home and for the Florida Fish and Wildlife crews that quickly and efficiently rescued Steven and Abigail. We join Chase’s father in thanking you for your grace. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Prayer about mass grave discovered on former British Columbia residential school grounds  Photograph: Blair Gable/Reuters

Heavenly Father, knowing the truth can both help and hurt, bringing both peace and sorrow. That is how we feel about the discovery of a mass grave containing the remains of 215 Indigenous children on the grounds of a former residential school in southern British Columbia. The Tk’emlups te Secw├ępemc people have suspected for a very long time that hundreds of their children were hidden on those grounds; now their “knowing” has been confirmed. Lord, we know that 150,000 children attended such residential schools that were intended to assimilate Indigenous children into a different culture. We now know that abuse of all kinds was common within this educational network. We pray for the recovering adults who once attended these schools to find peace in the knowing, to receive some sort of closure, to be able to move forward in the healing process. We pray that more of the suspected 3201 deaths can be uncovered and accounted for, so more families and communities may find peace. We pray that we will learn from this sorrowful history and avoid making the same mistakes. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Prayer about cable car crash in Italy and surrounding concerns PC: Italian Fire and Rescue

Lord, we grieve last weekend’s cable car crash in Italy that killed 14 people. Now we grieve what has come to light. Lord, we are thankful to understand more about what caused the tragedy, but so disappointed to learn that these deaths occurred in large part because of the deadly misjudgment of three of the cable car company’s top officers. They allegedly believed that the cable would not break, so they consciously deactivated the emergency brake that could have saved these 14 lives. We pray for these three people as they go through the justice system, that truth would come out, that they would remain humble, and that they would speak honestly. We pray for not only this company, but for all who hear of this to take safety measures seriously in their spheres of influence. We pray for all who grieve these deaths and who live in fear as a result of the accident. Please comfort and support them. Finally, Lord, we pray for the one survivor of the cable car crash: the five-year-old boy whose parents, great-grandparents and sibling died during the crash. We pray for him to recover from this terrible accident. May he receive top care in his hospital. May any therapy he needs for the long run go as well as possible. We pray for his heart and mind as he hears the news of those who have been lost and as he adjusts to a new life with a new family. Please heal this little boy on every level, Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Prayer for Arab woman who received kidney from Jewish man killed in Middle Eastern clashes 
PC: Maya Alleruzzo, AP

Almighty God, we pray for Randa Aweis, as she recovers from a kidney transplant that should inspire us all. Lord, we see the irony in Aweis’ story: that a Jewish man killed amid clashes between Arabs and Jews in Israel’s mixed city of Lod would donate his kidney to an Arab woman. As the conflict in the Middle East continues to unfold, we pray that this story would become symbolic to those who rage. We pray that people would choose peace and sacrifice, hope and reconciliation. We pray that the ceasefire would hold. And, Lord, we pray for the loved ones of Yigal Yehoshua, the Jewish man who lost his life amid the chaos and conflict. May those he leaves behind trust you. May they experience the peace that passes understanding. May they serve as beacons of light within their communities. We also pray that Aweis would fully recover from the transplant and develop a meaningful relationship with Yehoshua’s widow. Give her a fruitful life, adding immeasurable value to her family, community and beyond. We humbly pray, amen.

Friday, May 21, 2021

Prayer for unaccompanied minors caught up in Moroccan-Spanish migration crisis PC: Bernat Armangue/AP

Heavenly Father, we pray for the current migration crisis unfolding between Morocco and Spain. We are particularly concerned for the unaccompanied minors whose parents are trying to find them. Knowing that authorities have already confirmed the presence of 439 unaccompanied minors in Spain and that 4400 calls have been made by anxious relatives since Thursday, we believe there are hundreds more. Lord, you see them. You know their situations. Please direct them in the way they should go. Send godly and true protectors to guard, guide and comfort them. For those who need to return home, please connect them with the proper assistance and get them home as quickly as possible. Lord, we pray for anxious parents and loved ones, wondering what has happened to these children and youths. Please give them clarity and tenacity in finding those for whom they search. Grant them peace. We pray for Spanish and Moroccan authorities to resolve their differences as quickly and effectively as possible, and to take a good look at immigration practices—both official and unofficial—on both sides of the border. May they enact helpful changes. We pray for your children to bring help and hope to those caught in this stressful, complex situation. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



Thursday, May 20, 2021

Prayer for dangerous manhunt happening in Belgian national forest PC: Reuters

Lord God, we pray for the hundreds of Belgian officers and soldiers, as well as Dutch and German police, who are currently searching for a military extremist named Jurgen Conings. Please lead them to this military shooting instructor, who has made threats against a top Belgian virologist and declared his society no longer bearable, before he causes anyone harm. We know the Hoge Kempen National Park’s 46 square miles are a good place to hide, but we also know your “eyes are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good” (Proverbs 15:3). Lord God, we are thankful Conings has already abandoned his anti-tank rocket-launchers and ammunition, but we are concerned about the other intense weaponry in his possession. We pray it will fail him or that he will also choose to leave it behind. Heavenly Father, our ideal situation is that Conings will realize the error of his ways before anyone gets hurt. May he find peace within his mind and heart, may he seek peace with you, and may he turn himself in. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.   

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Prayer about two different attempted abductions in Florida and Ohio and

Lord, our heads are spinning as we hear of two similar, frightening incidents happening in the last week. Two men attempted to kidnap two different preteen girls in two different American states, both reported Tuesday. Fortunately, both girls escaped and one suspected kidnapper has been captured. We pray for the other attempted kidnapper to be arrested as soon as possible. We celebrate the Escambia County deputies who worked quickly to identify and apprehend the Florida suspect. We celebrate the dog that protected the girl from her attempted abductor in Ohio. We pray specifically that the man who attempted to kidnap the Columbiana girl from his 1970s model red Ford pickup would be apprehended or turn himself in. May those who know his vehicle get in touch with law enforcement. Lord, we pray for the preteen girls who experienced this trauma. We are thankful for their clarity of mind and strength of body, which enabled them to react quickly and strongly enough to escape their would-be captors. We know that this is not always the case—even for the quick and strong. May these girls and their loved ones process and recover from this terrifying occurrence. May the incidents compel others to train their children in what to do when a stranger approaches. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Prayer for China's Hubei and Jiangsu provinces after tornadoes cause death and destruction

Almighty God, we pray for Hubei and Jiangsu provinces in China as they recover from the death and destruction of Saturday’s tornadoes. First, Lord, we pray for the hundreds of people who sustained injuries during these storms. We pray for quality medical care whenever needed. We pray for medical personnel to not be overwhelmed and to have clear thinking and efficient work amid the post-storm chaos and concerns. Next, Lord, we pray for those who grieve the 12 who died. Give them strength to carry on and rebuild while recovering from these huge losses in their lives. Lord, we do pray for the almost 200 families who need to repair or rebuild their homes, and the businesses, including large factories, that lost their buildings. Help them rebuild as quickly as possible. Direct them to and provide the right resources. Lord God, we pray for these communities to recover. May they seek strength and hope from you as they walk the road to restoration. In Jesus’ name, amen.



Friday, May 14, 2021

Prayer as Israeli and Palestinian conflict escalates PC:AFP

Almighty God, how do we begin to pray for the latest trouble between Israel and Gaza? We start with peace. With Israelis and Palestinians in conflict for generations, we are always concerned for these people groups. Now that armed conflict is underway again, our hearts break. Lord, we all know this situation is complex. We are thankful that you see and know all, and that we can put our trust in you. We also know this: people—including children—are dying and the conflict is escalating. We pray for clear minds, calm spirits, discerning leadership, and hope. We pray for your glorious goodness to unfold before our very eyes amid this conflict. May those involved follow your commands to love you fully and to love their neighbors as themselves. As always, Lord, we pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Again, we ask for peace, and we place our trust in you. Amen.



Thursday, May 6, 2021

Prayer about apprehension of "East Valley Rapist" in Arizona, USA

Lord God, we celebrate that authorities have apprehended whom they believe to be Arizona’s "East Valley Rapist." With no previous leads on eight cases of sexual assault in the area between July 1999 and October 2001, we are grateful funding from the Justice Department’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative led investigators to John Daly III. With circumstances and DNA pointing to Daly, three of the cases are moving toward closure and one is also making good progress. We pray for the justice system to be swift, accurate and fair in these cases. We pray for final investigations to go smoothly and for people with additional information to come forward quickly and courageously. Lord, we pray for the survivors of these attacks to benefit from the arrest. We pray against flashbacks and fear, but rather for hope and valor. May all who need to testify be safe, secure and clear. Lord, we pray for Daly to repent from any wrongdoing and speak the truth. Lord God, we entrust this entire situation to you in Jesus’ name, amen.  

Monday, May 3, 2021

Prayer for peace and truth in Colombia amid violent protests  PC: Luisa Gonzalez/Reuters

Almighty God, we pray for peace, order and truth in Colombia after five days of demonstrations, protests, looting and vandalism. We are thankful the government retracted the controversial tax reform that began the demonstrations, but are saddened that the violence and destruction continued and that more protests are planned for the near future. Lord, we pray for the mass transit system to be repaired and running as soon as possible, so people can return to work and daily travel. We pray for the injured to receive quality medical care. We pray about the approximately 20 people who were killed in the chaos, that their deaths would be investigated and people held responsible as appropriate. We pray for truth to come out about whether criminal organizations were behind the violence, as well as whether there was any police brutality. Lord, we pray for your peace to descend upon Colombia during this tumultuous time. Glorify yourself in Colombia, Lord. Draw people to you. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



Saturday, May 1, 2021

Continued prayer for Myanmar amid oppression by military junta

Almighty God, three months after the military coup, the people of Myanmar continue to struggle for justice. We continue to knock on the door of heaven (Luke 11:5-8), pleading on their behalf. Lord, we pray for democracy in Myanmar. We pray for the safety and release of democratically elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the thousands of others who have been arrested during protests against the military junta. Lord, we grieve the 759 protesters who have been killed and dread the spilling of any more blood. We pray for peace. We pray for the junta to do the right thing for its people and relinquish power. We pray for international pressure to make a difference. We pray for Dr. Sasa as he continues to keep the world informed about what is happening in Myanmar. Lord, magnify yourself in Myanmar. May people come to know you during this tumultuous time. May people see your mighty hand at work against oppression. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Prayer for Israel's recovery after Orthodox Jewish festival deaths

Lord God, we ask you to deeply comfort the Orthodox Jewish brothers and sisters who were involved in the disaster at Thursday’s
Lag B'Omer festival. It is overwhelming to consider that at least 45 men and boys were crushed to death while participating in a religious festival. Lord, please bless the investigation. Reveal whether anything improper took place and whether the police need to do anything differently in the future (either in preventing or responding to such tragedies). We pray for the quick and accurate identification of those victims who remain unknown, that their loved ones may have closure and proceed to burial. We pray for excellent medical care for the injured, as well as therapy and whatever else may be needed by those who witnessed this traumatic event, including emergency responders. Yahweh, we ask for healing and hope for all those impacted by this disaster—one of the worst peacetime disasters Israel has ever known. Glorify yourself among your people. May the national day of mourning, to be held Sunday, be a powerful day for Israel and her allies. Amen.



Thursday, April 29, 2021

Prayer for India amid second wave of COVID-19 PC: REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Heavenly Father, we mourn over the devastation caused by India’s second wave of COVID-19. We grieve over the 379,257 new infections and 3,645 new deaths reported Thursday alone--which indicate the highest number of fatalities in a single day since the start of the pandemic. We are sorrowful about the overwhelmed hospitals and morgues, the gravediggers working around the clock to bury the dead, and the makeshift pyres set up to burn the deceased in parks and parking lots. What a desperate and crushing situation! Yet you are bigger than all of these things. You are more powerful. You love the people of India. We are thankful for the resourcefulness of hotels and railways in setting up makeshift hospitals. We are thankful for the healthcare workers, ambulance drivers, gravediggers, and so many more who are working beyond their endurance in order to help others. We are glad the military is working hard on behalf of its people, including opening its hospital to civilians. We pray, Lord, for the vaccines to reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. We pray against technical difficulties and shortages. We pray for the supplies donated by other nations to be put to effective use immediately. Please bless Bangladesh, Germany, Russia and the United States for the critical supplies they are donating. Lord, we pray for Indians to rally together to defeat this pandemic. Draw them close to you during this time. May they lean into you as they persevere. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



Monday, April 19, 2021

Prayer about the mistreatment of journalists in Somalia PC: Somali Journalists Syndicate

Lord God, we are greatly concerned about the Somali government’s treatment of journalists. We know freedom of the press is a crucial accountability and informational tool. When governments bully journalists, they tend to have something to hide. We are thankful that Amnesty International has brought this concern to light and shared specific research supporting their claim. May the release of this information compel the government to back off on harassing and arresting journalists. The government set a record last year for arresting the most journalists yet. We pray they will improve this year, allowing greater transparency with their people. Lord, we also pray for journalistic integrity in Somalia. May journalists create excellent, accurate work that truly helps their readers. May their work promote change when needed. We humbly pray, amen.



Saturday, April 17, 2021

Prayer for evacuation of St. Vincent after volcanic eruptions (AP Photo/Orvil Samuel)

Lord God, we pray for the evacuation of the island of St. Vincent after its two volcanic eruptions Friday. We are thankful so many people have already been successfully evacuated and that Royal Caribbean cruise ships have been helping with the process. We pray that everyone necessary will be evacuated before anyone gets hurt and that the process will be calm, smooth and efficient. We pray for evacuees to find safe housing and healthy environments in their new locations. Lord, we also pray for the 20,000 people who fled to the northern part of the island. May they treat each other with kindness and consideration. May they be hospitably welcomed by the residents of this part of the island. May they be gracious guests. Finally, we ask your blessing on all those who are assisting amid this situation, including Royal Caribbean for transporting evacuees and delivering much-needed relief supplies to St. Vincent. Bless kindness and generosity amid this challenging time for this island. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.  

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Prayer celebrating growth of Christianity in Iran

Lord God, we are delighted to hear that Christianity is growing in Iran! We are thankful a secular research group based in the Netherlands confirmed this trend. We pray, Lord God, for the estimated million Christ-followers in Iran. We are thankful that Iran allows Christianity, but we share our concerns about the serious persecution that still takes place there. May your children find ways to grow and ways to practice their faith freely in their daily lives. May they be a positive influence in their communities and nation, helping with concerns such as the high poverty level, opium addiction and prostitution. May they have easy access to your Word and make use of that. May they shine brightly in their part of the world. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



Monday, April 12, 2021

Prayer for manhunt happening in Paris PC: Getty Images

Almighty God, please direct and protect police officers as they carry out a manhunt in and around Paris. We pray they will safely apprehend the man who executed another man and shot a woman just outside a hospital Monday. Lord, we are thankful no one else was hurt and that there were witnesses. We pray that the witnesses will recall to mind any and all details that will help police find the shooter. We also pray for civilians to be on the alert for anything suspicious in their communities and quick to reach out to law enforcement if they see or hear something helpful. Lord, we pray for the perpetrator of this crime. We pray he will not feel the need to resort to any more violence and that he will submit to law enforcement when found. We pray for the woman who was seriously injured in this incident. May she receive excellent care at the hospital and fully recover from her injuries. We pray for those who grieve the death of the targeted man. Please grant them peace and hope in this dark time. In Jesus’ powerful name we pray, amen.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Prayer as Beirut evaluates plans to rebuild after devastating explosion PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

Heavenly Father, we ask for your wisdom on how and when to rebuild Beirut’s port, which is still recovering from August’s massive explosion. The city is still grieving the loss of 200 lives and entire neighborhoods. The economy is still staggering under not only the losses to the explosion, but the inefficiency of the damaged port. Lord, as French and German companies submit proposals for rebuilding the port, may Lebanese authorities agree upon the plan that will be best for their city and nation. May proposals be accurate or even come in under cost in the end. May the process of rebuilding the port help in the healing journey for those who grieve. May motives be as pure as possible, with those who gain the contract always keeping the best for the Lebanese people at the forefront of their minds as they move forward with their plans. Finally, Lord, we ask that you glorify yourself in Beirut and spread your perfect peace among those who live and work there. We humbly pray, amen.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Prayer for Mozambique and the city of Palma as they deal with terrorist attacks PC: Getty

Lord God, we pray for Mozambique, specifically the northern city of Palma. We know that Mozambique is considered by many to be a neglected humanitarian crisis, but we are thankful that you see all that is happening there—including the thousands who have been killed by terrorists and the hundreds of thousands of people who have fled their homes. We are grieved about Monday’s brutal attack on Palma and the ongoing fighting there. It’s disturbing to hear of the Mozambican army troops, Christians and foreigners who were killed that day, many beheaded, their bodies strewn about the streets. The terroristic practices of the Islamic State Central Africa Province disgust us. Almighty God, we pray that the Islamic State group would be thwarted on every side. Lord, we pray for the efforts of the Dyck Advisory Group, which has already saved at least 220 civilians. We pray for more safe rescues. We pray for the tens of thousands of Palma residents who have fled their homes, that they would find safety and provision. Please bless Doctors without Borders’ work with displaced citizens. We pray for the Mozambican government to regain control of the city, and we ask your blessing on the American military specialists sent to help with training. Lord God, we pray for resolution to the root issues in Mozambique, that the nation may regain order and peace. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Prayer for peace and justice in Myanmar     Photos: Reuters

O Lord God, we continue to cry out to you on behalf of Myanmar. With Saturday the deadliest day since the coup began, we lament the 90 unarmed protesters shot down by the military in just one day. We lament the 400 who have been killed since this coup began! We deeply grieve the children shot in their homes and yards, dying in their mother’s arms or fighting for their lives in hospitals. Lord, let us not stand by while this injustice occurs! May the military takeover somehow be suppressed. May Aung San Suu Kyi, who was democratically elected, be released from military custody and allowed to lead this nation out of this disaster. May global leaders discern how to stop this tragedy. May the truth come out and compel change. We pray for continued courage, hope and perseverance for those who righteously act on behalf of their people. May your children shine brightly during this time, pointing people to lasting hope as they live in this terrifying situation. We pray for peace in Myanmar. We pray for justice in Myanmar. In Jesus’ powerful name, amen.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Prayer about grounded container ship blocking Suez Canal traffic

Lord God, we ask for your help with the large container ship currently blocking Egypt’s Suez Canal. Knowing that traffic is currently backed up and that lines will only get longer, we are eager for the Ever Given to be refloated and on its way. While a stuck vessel may seem insignificant to some, we are concerned about global trading being delayed and the fact that international oil prices are already rising in response to this situation. We pray for the safety and effectiveness of the eight tug boats that are working to refloat the ship and for the diggers on the ground that are removing sand from where the ship is wedged into the side of the canal bank. We are thankful that no one has been hurt so far and we pray that continues to be the case. We pray for traffic to return to normal on the Suez Canal as quickly as possible. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Prayer for New South Wales amid severe flooding

Almighty God, we pray for Australia, as thousands more people are evacuated from suburbs in Sydney’s west. As they deal with their worst flooding in decades, we remind ourselves that “the Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord is enthroned as King forever” (Psalm 29:10). You still reign, even when we are overwhelmed by torrential rain. We pray that the evacuations will go smoothly and that no lives will be lost. We pray for people to behave wisely, following solid safety practices. We ask that rescues play out as effectively and as injury-free as possible. We grieve with those whose homes, vehicles and businesses have flooded. Help these people trust you and rebuild/repair in good timing. Lord, it has been an excruciating year for Australians, dealing with drought and wildfires, then the pandemic, and now this flooding. Please gird their hearts, encourage them, and woo people to you amid these trials. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.