Thursday, July 15, 2021

Prayer for rescue efforts in flooded Western Europe

Lord God, we are appalled by the current flooding in Western Europe. To know that 46 people are already counted among the dead, with many more suspected to be found later, is so grievous! Lord, our immediate concern is for the rescue efforts currently underway in Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium. We pray for protection over the rescuers, both official and unofficial. We pray for them to move as quickly and safely as possible. May they rescue as many people as possible. We pray for those who are trapped, that they would be ingenious, courageous and tenacious as they seek to survive, draw attention to themselves, or find their own way to safety. As needed, grant superhuman strength. Bless those who are undertaking this rescue work, including those coming from unaffected nations to help. Lord, there will be grieving and rebuilding in the days ahead. We ask for your guidance, provision, comfort and blessing for those huge needs as well. However, today we focus on the rescues. Lord, we pray for as many people as possible to be saved. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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