Saturday, July 3, 2021

Prayer after mudslide hits Atami, Japan  PC: EPA-EFE/JIJI PRESS

Almighty God, we are awed by the footage of the mudslide that hit Atami, Japan, Saturday morning. For a wave of water and earth to slide through town, taking down houses, cars, utility poles… what power! And to think that this is just one little speck of the huge earth you have created! You are mighty indeed. We ask you, Almighty God, to help the community of Atami as they search for the missing and grieve the dead, as they restore power and eventually rebuild. Give them grace, strength and resources. Bless the efforts of rescue workers, guiding, directing and protecting them. May survivors be found as quickly as possible. May people who have lost homes receive warm and generous hospitality. We also pray that necessary evacuations will happen as efficiently as possible in other parts of the region that are still at risk of mudslides. We pray against any further loss of life due to mudslides in this part of Japan. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.



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