Saturday, June 5, 2021

Prayer for Burkina Faso after terrorists kill 132 civilians  PC: AFP

Heavenly Father, we pray for comfort to descend in Burkina Faso’s village of Solhan. Almighty God, we also pray for justice. We are disgusted to hear that jihadists attacked this village overnight, killing 132 residents (7 of them children) and injuring 40 more. We are dismayed that they overpowered the civil defense and burned numerous homes, as well as the village market. We join with the nation of Burkina Faso in their 72 hours of national mourning. We cry out with them for peace amid this turmoil, for hope for those who mourn, and that those who killed and destroyed would be found out and face justice. We pray for the wounded to heal physically and emotionally. We pray for the community to rally together to rebuild and support one another. We pray for the nation as it faces continual terrorist attacks, that they would come up with a plan to effectively thwart their adversaries. Lord, we grieve with Burkina Faso today. Amid the sorrow, please make your glory known. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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