Saturday, June 26, 2021

Prayer for continued search and rescue efforts after building collapse in Florida, USA PC: REUTERS/Octavio Jones

Lord God, we continue to pray for search-and rescue teams in Miami, Florida, as they work around the clock to find survivors from Thursday’s 12-story building collapse. We cannot imagine the pain felt by those awaiting news of their missing loved ones. Comfort them in supernatural ways as they process this tragic event and helplessly await news of any survivors. Lord, we are encouraged that Mexico and Israel sent teams to help with the effort, relieving local teams. We are encouraged by local officials and others who have provided aid, such as housing and food, for survivors who have been left homeless and for rescue workers. Please bless generosity of resources and generosity of spirit during this time. We do pray for those who search, including the dogs, as they go about their dangerous work. Please protect and guide them. We pray for equipment to work well and to be used well. We pray for any survivors who are hanging onto life amid the rubble to hold onto hope and to persevere. May they continue breathing and doing what they can to attract attention. Direct rescuers to their locations. Lord, there are so many concerns in this situation, including that truth come out about this collapse. Please actively work amid this tragedy in ways that reveal your power and mercy. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.




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