Thursday, September 2, 2021

Prayer for Philadelphia and the Northeast after Ida-caused flooding

Almighty God, we pray for the rescues still happening in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after remnants of Hurricane Ida flooded the Northeast Wednesday. We are thankful for the more than 100 people who have already been rescued from this city alone—plus the 41 children rescued from a school bus nearby. With over 500 calls made for rescue in Montgomery County, we know volunteers and emergency personnel are still hard at work. Please bless their efforts and protect them. May they reach everyone before dark. Lord, there will be continued rescues and recovery not only in Pennsylvania, but also in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. Please be with the communities of this region as they look ahead to a long recovery. Please be with those who grieve the at least 23 people known to be dead as a result of this storm. Please grant not only housing, but hope, to those who have lost their homes and businesses. Lord, we know you reign--even over the roaring and foaming waters. May people in need turn to you and experience your provision during this time. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. Source:

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