Thursday, August 19, 2021

Prayer for Compassion International's work after Haiti's earthquake and tropical storm

Heavenly Father, we are grieved by all Haiti has suffered from its 7.2-magnitude earthquake, closely followed by Tropical Storm Grace. We know that thousands of Haitians have been displaced, but today we particularly pray for the 46 Compassion child development centers that have been affected—15 of which are considered “destroyed.” Lord, we are grateful for the ministry of Compassion International in Haiti and around the world. We are grateful that Compassion serves almost 127,000 children in Haiti. We are saddened by the disrupted ministry, yet grateful that Compassion team members are doing all they can to creatively care for children and their families amid this chaos. We are thankful that over 11,000 food kits have been distributed so far, and we pray that many more reach families in a timely fashion. We pray for the first Compassion Haiti team, celebrating their safe arrival in the affected area, and asking your blessing as they work closely with Compassion church partners to discuss the crisis response and better assess the overall situation. We pray for the safe and efficient arrival of the Compassion Haiti medical team. May they quickly connect with families who need their care. Lord, we know recovery is going to be a arduous process for the nation of Haiti. We pray that Compassion will rebound quickly, in order to continue and even expands its ministry to Haitian children. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. PC: Georges Harry Rouzier Info source and way to give:


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