Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Prayer about cable car crash in Italy and surrounding concerns PC: Italian Fire and Rescue

Lord, we grieve last weekend’s cable car crash in Italy that killed 14 people. Now we grieve what has come to light. Lord, we are thankful to understand more about what caused the tragedy, but so disappointed to learn that these deaths occurred in large part because of the deadly misjudgment of three of the cable car company’s top officers. They allegedly believed that the cable would not break, so they consciously deactivated the emergency brake that could have saved these 14 lives. We pray for these three people as they go through the justice system, that truth would come out, that they would remain humble, and that they would speak honestly. We pray for not only this company, but for all who hear of this to take safety measures seriously in their spheres of influence. We pray for all who grieve these deaths and who live in fear as a result of the accident. Please comfort and support them. Finally, Lord, we pray for the one survivor of the cable car crash: the five-year-old boy whose parents, great-grandparents and sibling died during the crash. We pray for him to recover from this terrible accident. May he receive top care in his hospital. May any therapy he needs for the long run go as well as possible. We pray for his heart and mind as he hears the news of those who have been lost and as he adjusts to a new life with a new family. Please heal this little boy on every level, Lord. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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