Saturday, May 15, 2021

Prayer for China's Hubei and Jiangsu provinces after tornadoes cause death and destruction

Almighty God, we pray for Hubei and Jiangsu provinces in China as they recover from the death and destruction of Saturday’s tornadoes. First, Lord, we pray for the hundreds of people who sustained injuries during these storms. We pray for quality medical care whenever needed. We pray for medical personnel to not be overwhelmed and to have clear thinking and efficient work amid the post-storm chaos and concerns. Next, Lord, we pray for those who grieve the 12 who died. Give them strength to carry on and rebuild while recovering from these huge losses in their lives. Lord, we do pray for the almost 200 families who need to repair or rebuild their homes, and the businesses, including large factories, that lost their buildings. Help them rebuild as quickly as possible. Direct them to and provide the right resources. Lord God, we pray for these communities to recover. May they seek strength and hope from you as they walk the road to restoration. In Jesus’ name, amen.



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