Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Prayer against counterfeit anti-malarial drugs  Photo: Getty Images
Lord, today we grieve with parents who have watched their children die of malaria. Not only have they watched their children die from this disease, but they expected the children to get better, because they knew they had administered appropriate medication. However, they didn’t know the medication was counterfeit. Lord, it is absolutely astounding that people would continue to mass-produce and distribute fake medications that will cause people to die—unnecessarily—every single day. Lord, please don’t just prick the consciences of the perpetrators…sear their consciences! Lord, may they be deeply convicted of their direct role in the deaths of others. We pray the same for the officials and inspectors who accept bribes to turn a blind eye to this lethal practice. We pray for success for those organizations and companies that are working hard to defeat this deadly counterfeit industry. May they educate, reach, multiply and succeed. May parents who seek lifesaving medication for their children be able to confidently find the correct products. We pray in Jesus’ powerful name, amen.

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