Thursday, December 12, 2019

Prayer about New Zealand's White Island volcano eruption

Heavenly Father, we are deeply affected by the story of the White Island volcano eruption earlier this week. We are so thankful the White Island Tours boat had already departed before the eruption, halving the number of victims and instead becoming a rescue vessel. We are thankful for the doctors and first responders who jumped into action as dozens of people were pulled from the sea with severe burns all over their bodies. We are thankful that New Zealand’s four specialist burns units have been able to handle the needs, even though their capacities are maxed. We pray for all of the victims, that they might get the best possible medical care, cling to life with determination, and survive. May loved ones and strangers alike provide encouragement each step along the way, including on the long road to recovery. We particularly pray for Matthew Urey and Lauren Barham, who were celebrating their honeymoon before experiencing this nightmare, and now fight for their lives and health in different New Zealand hospitals. We pray they will not only survive this tragedy, but move forward into a beautiful, rich, deep married life. Finally, we pray for the grieving, knowing that at least eight people are confirmed dead. In Jesus’ merciful name we pray, amen.


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