Friday, October 18, 2019

Prayer for Sierra Leone as the nation focuses on preventing sexual violence  Art by Nicole Xu for NPR
Heavenly Father, we pray for Sierra Leone as it takes a much closer look at sexual violence in its nation. We are thankful that President Julius Maada Bio has done much this year to draw attention to this scourge, but are disappointed the attention faded away so quickly. We pray that non-profit groups, churches, and concerned citizens will keep the issues before people and press for continued change. We pray that Bio will follow through on the promises that will be most useful to his citizens. We pray that the successful prosecution of more rapists than in previous years will encourage more survivors to speak out and go forward with the legal process. We pray for medical care for survivors, the technology of DNA testing to become readily available, and for police officers to be appropriately trained to handle sexual assaults of all kinds. We pray for judges and lawyers to treat victims with dignity and respect, and that the legal system will function fairly for everyone involved. Finally, Lord, we pray for a cultural change. We pray that Sierra Leoneans will recognize inappropriate sexual conduct and fight to make changes within themselves and within their communities. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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