Saturday, November 16, 2019

Prayer about "Black Pete" conflict in the Netherlands
 / AP

Lord, we pray for peace and unity in the Netherlands as the nation debates a beloved, yet racist, holiday tradition. To begin, we pray for your peace and protection during today’s protests. May people on both sides of the debate treat each other with dignity, respect and kindness, so they can hear each other more effectively. Beyond this particular day, we pray about the overall debate. We know how deeply traditions can be ingrained into our cultures. We know this is not an easy thing for this nation. We pray for everyone involved to be able to step back and evaluate the situation with wisdom and objectivity. May people err on the side of love. Jesus, this holiday is primarily about you—not St. Nicholas, nor “Black Pete.” May we all return to that focus, and may “Black Pete” be recognized as a hurtful distraction from the true meaning of Christmas. We pray that this intense debate would bring about renewed commitment to you in the Netherlands. In your gracious yet mighty name we pray, Lord Jesus, amen.

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