Monday, November 4, 2019

Prayer for Maranhao and the Guajajara tribe as they protect reservation land from illegal loggers

Lord God, we pray for the Brazilian state of Maranhao and the Guajajara tribe as they seek answers in protecting reservation land from illegal loggers. First, we pray for the loved ones of Paulo Paulino “Lobo” Guajajara, who was killed by loggers while hunting within his reservation. We pray for his companion, Laercio, who was also injured, but managed to escape. Comfort the Guajajara as they process Lobo’s loss, and we pray that his death will bring about action to deal with this neglected concern. May Laercio fully recover from his wounds and return to a normal life. We are thankful for those who want to assist in providing security on reservation land, including through training policemen to serve with the tribe and to train the tribe in defense practices. Of course, Lord, we really want to see peace in the area. We pray that illegal loggers would cease their practices and operate within legal, harmless guidelines. We fervently pray that they would not attack the tribal members they encounter. We ask for your help in decreasing violence and leading us to solutions. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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