Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Prayer against modern-day slavery in Brazil

The bedroom of a family trapped in ranch work.
Lord, today we pray against slavery in Brazil. We are so thankful that the Brazilian government has rescued 50,000 people from slave-like conditions over the past 20 years, but we grieve when we hear of the uphill battle: more than 25,000 more people are lured into these “jobs” each year. Lord, in this type of situation we choose to pray for the big things today. Lord, first, work in the hearts of those with the power to hire. Prick their consciences whenever they are tempted to offer inappropriate wages and conditions. May they be drawn to Jesus and the way he lived among us. We also pray for the nation’s leaders. We pray they will not be swayed by lobbyists to divert funds from the mobile units that conduct rescues, and that they will continue to publish the “dirty list” that exposes bad businesses and their wicked practices. We pray for non-governmental activists, like Xavier Plassat, the French Dominican friar who has dedicated his life to fighting what he calls modern-day slavery in the region. Bless their efforts. Protect them from harm and corruption. And, Lord, we pray for the poor people of Brazil who are desperate enough to be lured into these situations. Give them courage to resist, ingenuity in recognizing better options, and support from those around them. Lord, we want to see slavery end in Brazil. Magnify yourself in this battle. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

To my faithful prayer partners: I apologize for the period of silence. I have been gone more than home during the month of April. I hoped to post anyway, but it did not work out. 

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