Thursday, November 19, 2015

Prayer for South Sudan, the world's most fragile state

Photo by Samer Muscati/Human Rights Watch
Lord, we have not forgotten South Sudan. For so many years people tried to get help for those who lived in southern Sudan. The crises were heart-breaking. Now that South Sudan has become its own nation, so many people have forgotten it, though it is currently considered the world’s most fragile state. We are so sad that half of South Sudanese children are malnourished. We are grieved about the armed conflict that happened along ethnic lines in 2013, as well as the continuing violence. Lord, please provide food for these children and their families. Please bring healing to the countless girls and women who have been sexually assaulted during these conflicts. Work in hearts to combat ethnic hatred. Bless Emmanuel Christian College and other institutions having success diminishing prejudice and violence. Bless the churches that run refugee camps for some of the hundreds of thousands of refugees. Thank you for drawing people to you and increasing church involvement. Reveal to us if there is any way we should personally help. For now, we pray for South Sudan, in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

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