Monday, October 10, 2016

Prayer for the Bahamas after Hurricane Matthew   Photo credit: Tim Aylen, AP
Lord, today we pray for the Bahamas as its people continue to recover from Hurricane Matthew. We pray for the thousands without power, that they will be able to creatively meet their needs as they wait for the power to be restored. We pray for those working to repair power and communication lines, etc., to be safe and efficient, despite being short on rest. We pray for the people who need basic emergency assistance – food, shelter, clean water. Help those with enough be generous with those who do not have enough. Help people be willing to go outside of their comfort zones to reach out to those in need. Lord, we pray for those who grieve over the loss of homes, that they will continue to rejoice in spared lives, and that they would be patient as they seek their homes to be repaired or to find new homes. May people show sympathy and also point the way toward hope. We pray for the economy, as the nation will be dealing with loss of tourist income for a long time as they seek to rebuild their communities. In the midst of chaos and destruction, please bring peace and glorify yourself. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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