Friday, April 27, 2018

Prayer about "wolf pack" rape case in Spain

Lord, today we pray about the “wolf pack” rape case in Spain. Along with the masses of protesters, we are bewildered by gang rape being named “sexual abuse.” We understand the righteous anger that is erupting throughout the nation. But, Lord, we ask that these protests remain peaceful, that the results of these demonstrations be truly productive and helpful to Spain in the long-run. We pray for the lawmakers who have admitted the law may need revision to truly take a close look, making sure all is sound and fair. We pray for the victim of this crime as she deals with the fact that her attackers only face nine years in prison for their violent crime against her. Continue to bring healing in her life. Continue to bring support. May those around her bring a balm of peace, rather than reopening wounds. We pray for the attackers, Lord. Bring deep conviction to them, that they might know deep in their souls that what they did was horrendously wrong. May they desire to truly turn their lives around, becoming men who will bring good to the world, rather than damage caused by selfishness. May your Spirit be very present in Spain this weekend as the nation seeks to deal with this messy, deeply saddening situation. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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