Friday, September 28, 2018

Prayer amidst America's Supreme Court nomination turmoil

Lord, today Americans are anguished. The process of confirming Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has brought out the ugliest in partisan politics. Two individuals and two families who are on the brink of public destruction have become pawns in a political game. We lament this sinful behavior. We grieve. Lord, this nation is far from you, yet there are those who would still seek you above all else. We remember your Word, including specifically what you did for your people in the time of Ezra. Despite every obstacle and every discouragement, you stirred up even pagan kings to do your will. Your people’s enemies went from bitterly opposing to not only supporting, but funding and assisting. So we know there is always hope. Today, Lord, as the vote is scheduled to occur at 9:30 AM ET, we choose hope. We choose prayer. We ask you to stir up the people’s representatives to vote in whatever way is best. May they set aside all partisan politics, political maneuvering, and self-interest in order to vote according to what is right and true. And we humbly ask two more things: that the nation would move toward healing and reconciliation, and that you would draw people closer to you and further from selfishness in this process. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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