Monday, December 24, 2018

Prayer for Glasgow City Mission's Christmas Outreach

Heavenly Father, today we are thankful for those ministries and organizations that reach out to the needy on Christmas. Whether the needs are social, relational, financial, emotional, or spiritual, we celebrate those who remember to be generous and inclusive of others during this most festive time of year. Today we want to specifically pray for Glasgow City Mission, which is providing a Christmas feast on December 25 for those in need. We pray that each person who steps into the building, whether volunteer or guest, will sense your presence and experience true joy. May all the volunteers be empowered by your Spirit to wholeheartedly serve with excellence. May the satisfaction of putting others before themselves for your glory be the greatest gift they receive this year. May each homeless person who seeks warmth of both heart and body find it at the Glasgow City Mission this Christmas Day and holiday season. We pray that this organization will continue to effectively and generously provide food, shelter, warmth, and more to those who seek their assistance year-round. In name of the Christ Child we pray, amen.

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