Monday, March 4, 2019

Prayer for Alabama and Georgia after tornado devastation

Lord God, we pray for rescuers and weather authorities as they search Alabama and Georgia, following the deadly tornadoes that hit these states Sunday. First of all, we pray for survivors who remain in peril. We pray that these people may draw on rich reserves of strength and resourcefulness in order to hold on until help arrives. Please lay it on hearts and minds to search areas that have not yet been searched—guiding rescuers to where people need assistance. Next, we pray for those who grieve the loss of loved ones, since at least 23 people perished in these storms. Comfort the ones left behind deep within their souls as they process this grievous blow. We pray for those whose lives have been upended and property lost. May they find shelter, food, etc., as needed, and may they have the courage and resources to begin anew. Finally, we pray for blessing and protection over those who are helping in any way—whether providing medical assistance, doing weather research, meeting emergency needs, searching the rubble, or planning to help with longer-term needs. We pray these people will persevere with their work until they have success. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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