Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Prayer about cult-related deaths uncovered in Bavaria, Germany Photo credit: AFP

Lord God, today we pray about the deaths uncovered in Germany that appear to be the result of cult activities. It is so sad and disturbing to learn of the bodies of one man and four women being found, and to learn of their circumstances. We pray for the families of Torsten W, Kerstin E, Farina C, Gertrud C and the unnamed 19-year-old woman as they process not only their loved ones’ shocking deaths—some by cross-bow—but also how they got entangled in such unhealthy circumstances. We particularly pray for the family of the unnamed young woman, who has not yet officially learned of their daughter’s death. Prepare them for this blow, and have a network of support ready to surround them in their time of need. We pray that the truth about this group can be uncovered not for shock value but for the prevention of future similar tragedies. We also pray for the room maid who discovered three of the bodies to recover from her trauma. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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