Saturday, March 28, 2020

Prayer for Heshima Children's Center in Kenya - during this time of crisis and beyond

Almighty God, today we pray for Heshima, a ministry providing dignity for children with disabilities in Kenya. We celebrate how you are mightily working through this organization, caring for disabled children, as well as providing income for their mothers, clean water for the surrounding community, and construction jobs for others within the community. Lord, we pray for Heshima’s greatly intensified ministry during this global pandemic and locust infestation. We rejoice that the ministry is able to provide washing stations in the area, and that the water they regularly provide is even more helpful (and in demand) than usual. We are thankful Heshima was able to quickly build shelter for those waiting in the long water lines. We are thankful they have been able to provide emergency housing for those who need it. We mourn with them for those in the outlying areas who are dying alone because they cannot obtain medical care. Lord God, we pray for divine stamina and protection for Heshima staff members and families. We ask your most generous blessing on them as they provide emergency housing in these uncertain, anxious days. May donors give generously to their work right now and in the future. May the peace that passes understanding guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. May they be strong and not fear; knowing that you come--that you save. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray, amen.

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