Monday, December 7, 2015

Prayer surrounding the San Bernardino aftermath
Lord, our concern for the situation in San Bernardino, California, continues. We grieve the loss of life and the many injured. We are saddened that a misdirected religious conviction would compel a man to kill his own coworkers. We are disturbed to see a marriage focused on violence and destruction. In the midst of this, we praise you for your goodness even as we struggle with the senseless act of violence. We ask for truth to be revealed. We pray that neither the desire for political correctness nor the fear of the unknown would corrupt people’s judgment, emotions and words. We ask for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for those involved in the shooting—the wounded, first responders, investigators and more. Please glorify yourself in this painful situation. In Jesus’ powerful name, we pray, amen. 

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