Sunday, June 12, 2016

Prayer about Orlando shooting
Lord, today we pray about the nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, USA. Lord, it is so hard to find the words. Thank you for your Holy Spirit interceding for us in prayer. It’s difficult to accept the facts: the largest shooting in modern United States history, 49 people dead, 53 people hospitalized, claims of connections to ISIS, victims still unidentified. Lord, bring healing. Bring peace. When we ask for healing, we pray not only for the healing of those who lie injured in hospital beds, but for those whose hearts are broken, whose safety is shattered, who now live in fear. Speak your shalom over people’s hearts. Bring friends and family, support networks and resources around the survivors and those who lost loved ones. Bless those who acted in courage, and let us be inspired as these stories come to our attention. Thank you that the police who engaged with the shooter are safe. Lord, as Americans process this horrific act and have to deal with the sobering realities of terrorism and hate crimes, may they choose unity over division, love over hate, words of healing rather than words that inflame. May truth come out, hope arise, and your name be glorified. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 


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