Saturday, June 18, 2016

Prayer for surviving Filipino comfort women
Lord, today we pray for the 70 Filipino “comfort women” who still survive after their ordeal during World War II. Though the war is history and over 900 of these women have already passed away, the surviving women are still recovering from the physical and emotional wounds they incurred from the sex slavery forced upon them by the Japanese. Lord, thank you that truth is coming out and these women no longer have to live in silence and fear. Thank you that Japan has apologized for the wrongs they did to women in other parts of Asia. Lord, we pray for the Japanese government to also apologize for their soldiers enslaving and abusing Filipino women as well. If the Filipino government is slowing this process out of economic concerns, help them to be bold and advocate for these citizens. Not only will these 70 women finally have some closure, but it will be a strong message that sexual violence of any kind is unacceptable. Please bring peace, healing, vindication and hope to these survivors. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 


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  2. Update regarding South Korean comfort women:

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