Friday, August 12, 2016

Prayer against human trafficking at the Olympics
Lord, today we pray against human trafficking at the Olympics. It is devastating to read that there are an estimated half million child sex workers in Brazil. We also know that trafficking research only shows an increase in occurrence with top-level sporting events. With so many tourists descending on Brazil, desiring to make lifelong memories and experience this amazing event to the fullest, we know people will make all kinds of bad choices. Lord, today we pray those bad choices will not include taking advantage of other human beings. May the spirit of the Games bring up warm feelings in hearts. May people appreciate each other more deeply, providing encouragement, rather than seeking after their own pleasures. We pray specifically against the assault and exploitation of anyone—male or female, local or visiting. Not only do we pray against sex trafficking, but we also pray for the truth to come out about the workers claiming to have not been paid for their work on the Olympic facilities. We pray against impoverished workers being taken advantage of by being kept in inhumane conditions. Lord, we pray that inspiration found in watching elite athletes use their gifts will motivate people not only athletically, but to be better people. We pray for individuals to be inspired to seek you, and to live as you want us to. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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