Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Prayer about our part in Syria
Lord, today our thoughts and prayers once again turn to Syria. We have this nagging sense that one day we will all chastise ourselves for our apathy to this terrible conflict. One day there will be movies that reveal how truly atrocious this situation is, and our children and grandchildren will ask, "What do you remember? What did you do?" Lord, show us what to do. Show us opportunities to bless our Syrian brothers and sisters who suffer while we live generally comfortable lives. Compel us to pressure our governments, send aid, knit hats, actually go and serve, or however each of us can best help. And, as we have prayed before, Lord, may we not forget to pray. May we sustain those who suffer through heavenly entreaties. And so today, Heavenly Father, we ask again for your intervention in Syria. Bring peace. Bring hope. Bring protection for those who need it. Send help. In Jesus' name we pray, amen.

Yes, there really are ways for knitters to help refugees. Here is one example:

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