Monday, January 2, 2017

Prayer about prison riot and breakout in Amazonas Photo credit: AP. 
Lord, today we are sickened and grieved by the violent prison riot in Amazonas, Brazil. Father, the details of this violent uprising are disgusting. We are devastated by the depravity of humankind as evidenced by the outburst in this overcrowded prison. Lord, we know the root of this problem is sin. Sin led these prisoners to the desperation that drove them to their crimes and then drove them to develop these gang and drug networks within the prison. Then sin and greed drove them to rise up against each other and the guards, beheading, killing and intimidating. Lord, please send people with your Light into this prison. Help them share you with both inmate and guard. Help people find the everlasting peace you provide. We also pray for the authorities as they seek the escaped convicts. May they safely and effectively find them and return them to prison. We pray for the prison conditions. Help Brazil determine ways to improve their overpopulated prison system. Finally, we pray for those who are already grieving, and for those who are still waiting to learn whether their loved ones are among the dead. Please give them your peace and send representatives from among your people to show support and encouragement during this time of need. Please do not let any stigma prevent people from sharing your love and grace. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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