Friday, March 10, 2017

Prayer as Compassion International closes its programs in India

Photo by Compassion International
Lord, we praise you as sovereign, all-knowing, omnipresent. We trust in your goodness, holiness and power. We pour out our hearts before you as we grieve what has happened to Compassion International's child sponsorship programs in India. Lord, you have heard our prayers. You have seen the relentless efforts Compassion staff and supporters have made to keep the program going in India. You also saw Indian lawmakers pass the law that would keep this ministry out of its nation. And you know the number of hairs on the heads of the 145,000 children and their families, who will now lose this significant part of their lives. Thank you. Thank you for seeing, for understanding the pain, for guiding. We now ask for you to empower your church in India to step into the gap, to be supernaturally equipped to minister to these families in new ways. We pray for the closures and transitions on March 15 to go as smoothly as possible. We pray that this trial would create new growth, provide opportunities for people to share about you, and draw your precious children even closer to your heart. May the attention this situation is getting inspire tens of thousands of people to sponsor children around the world. Please meet the needs of the affected Indian families. And please work in the hearts of Indian lawmakers to recognize how powerfully you have worked through your children in India for so many generations. We declare our faith in you. Amen.

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