Friday, March 24, 2017

Prayer for Zoey Carles and other missing children
Lord, today we pray for Zoey Carles, who disappeared on her own family's property in South Carolina, USA, yesterday. Lord, we want her found, safe and sound. That is our fervent desire. Please bless the efforts of every searcher, including the dogs seeking any sign of her. We pray against any hindrance in finding her. We pray that all clues and insights may come to light as soon as possible. And, Lord, we know Zoey is just one of countless missing young people around the world today. Our hearts break to think of all the terrible situations so many precious young people find themselves in. Lord, please shore up the strength of those who are captive, as well as for those who miss them. May law enforcement officers and others of influence not give up efforts to find those who are missing. May the truth come to light about their situations. Any may many, many families receive the happy news that their missing loved one is found. We plead in Jesus' name, amen. 

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