Monday, July 10, 2017

Prayer about the new world heritage site, Valongo Wharf, and slavery
Lord, today we pray about The Valongo wharf in Rio de Janeiro, which was just declared a world heritage site by the UN cultural organization, Unesco. Heavenly Father, this site where 40% of slaves transported to the Americas arrived in the 17-1800s marks a blight on human history. Yet this is one reason to remember what happened here: to be shocked and dismayed, and to resolve to never let this happen again. We pray for those who will maintain and educate through this site, that they will be effective in moving people toward light and love as they witness a place of such darkness and hatred. We pray for those who visit to consider modern-day slavery and what they might do to stop it. Lord, give us all eyes to see those around us as your precious children. May we treat each person with dignity, so that we may avoid the slippery slope of dehumanizing fellow human beings, whether through slander, cruelty or extremes like slavery. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen. 

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