Saturday, July 22, 2017

Prayer for Kenya in the midst of election season - #18 on the World Watch List for persecution Photographer: Simon Maina/AFP/Getty Images
Lord, today we pray for Kenya, which is #18 on the World Watch List for persecution. Father, we are especially concerned about Kenya as the nation is in its intense election season. We pray against the spirit of violence, beseeching that Kenya’s habitual division along ethnic lines will not erupt into aggression. We pray for your will to be done on Election Day, August 8. And we pray for a powerful spirit of peace and calm to descend upon the nation after the election, regardless of the results. Lord, we also pray against corruption in Kenya. We know it is extremely difficult to undo these entrenched patterns, but we pray that even these upcoming elections will involve steps in the right direction. We particularly ask your powerful conviction within Christian leaders’ spirits to honor you in all their decisions so that they will not tarnish your message through their own participation in corruption. On a different note, we pray against Al-Shabaab and other terrorists’ efforts in harming Christians within Kenya and beyond. Please frustrate their wicked efforts on every side. Woo these terrorists to you, your truth and your mercy. In Jesus’ name we ask your blessing on Kenya today. Amen.

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