Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday prayer

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On a very personal note, today we bury my sister, who died suddenly and unexpectedly one week ago today. It brings me great comfort to mark her passing on Good Friday, the day we remember our Savior's sacrifice for us. Please join me in thanking Jesus for the price He paid: 

Jesus, today the skies are gray in our hearts as we consider the sacrifice you made. If we take even a moment to ponder your horrific death at our hands, we must acknowledge the wickedness of our hearts and flesh. Yet you submitted to our demands. You received the punishment intended for us. You experienced your first-ever separation from your Heavenly Father. And you died. We thank you with all our hearts. We thank you by offering our lives to your service in response. And we say on this "Good" Friday that you are the One who is good. You are the One who let your goodness overflow into our lives, paying for our sins, changing our hearts. And we say with resounding jubilation that we celebrate the victory that is to come! Your death took the bite out of sin, the power from the enemy. Now we can all have HOPE! Thank you for the cross. Amen.

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