Saturday, March 10, 2018

Prayer for Cameroon as the nation deals with violent conflict between Anglophones and Francophones

Lord, today we pray for Cameroon as this nation deals with violent conflicts between people of two different language groups: Francophones and Anglophones. Heavenly Father, we have seen that sinful nature so often causes us to treat others differently because of how we look, the language we speak, our tribe, where we were born, etc. We are disturbed to hear the allegations that the state forced thousands of villagers in the Anglophone southwest to leave their homes. We are dismayed that problems were bad enough that minority Anglophones felt the need to try to secede from their nation, and that this led to violent deaths for people on both sides of the conflict. We pray for the Cameroonian government to exercise wisdom, fairness, and diplomacy as they seek to resolve this conflict. And we pray for all people involved to examine their hearts for their own prejudices and behaviors toward those who are not like them. We ask for your help in resolving this conflict in Cameroon. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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