Friday, July 6, 2018

Prayer for children whose father died protecting them from a polar bear

Heavenly Father, today we pray for Aaron Gibbons' two children, who witnessed their father being killed by a polar bear as he protected them. Lord, we thank you that the children were able to escape. We also rejoice in a father willing to lay down his life for his children without hesitation, even as we grieve the loss of this man. May Gibbons’ children always know how deeply their father loved them—even unto death. May that sacrifice provide them with a picture of how very much you love them. And, Lord, we ask that you fill the hole in these children's hearts after this loss. We pray that they will be able to process what happened and recover from what they witnessed. We ask you to work in the hearts of godly, loving adults to get involved in these children’s lives, providing them with support and encouragement in the wake of this tragedy, as well as in the years to come. Please work in Gibbons’ community as people grieve his passing. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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