Saturday, November 3, 2018

Prayer about terrorist attack on traveling Christians in Egypt
Photo credit: AFP/Nile News

Lord God, we pray about the intentional attack of Egyptian Christians as they headed to a holy site Friday. We are disgusted to hear of masked gunmen targeting buses of Christians on the way to visit a desert monastery and gunning them down with the intent of mass killing. We rejoice that one entire bus was able to escape. Yet we grieve that at least seven Christians were killed and 15 injured on a small bus traveling with family members of a baby who had just been baptized. Lord, we pray against the Islamic State, which claimed the attack. We pray against their purely evil work. Open their eyes to see that killing innocent people because of their faith is never noble. Lord, we also pray for Egypt’s leaders as they discern how to handle this situation, knowing that an almost identical attack led to 28 deaths just last year. We pray the national and regional leaders will figure out how to best protect and lead their citizens in the face of tragedy and in order to prevent tragedy. Heavenly Father, please comfort the grieving. We are thankful the precious souls of those killed are with you, but we ask a special portion of mercy for those they left behind. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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