Friday, November 16, 2018

Prayer as the Camp Fire continues to rage

Lord, we continue to be concerned about the Camp Fire raging in California, only 45 percent contained and already having consumed 142,000 acres. With 63 people dead, 631 still missing, and 9,700 homes destroyed, the destruction and despair are overwhelming. Today, Lord, we ask for the peace that passes understanding. May each survivor, rescuer, firefighter, searcher and bereaved individual manage to move forward each day, each moment. We particularly pray for the hundreds of volunteers who are searching for the missing, digging through rubble, and discovering human remains. Give them unique strength and grace. Protect them from trauma. Grant them success, that they might find answers for those who seek them. We pray for the firefighters as they continue to battle this blaze. Please protect them as well. May they work excellently as a team. May they have reinforcements when needed. We desire the Camp Fire to be contained as quickly as possible. Bless those who are giving to meet needs, whether that involves money, food, shelter, support, or time. We pray for those yet to evacuate. If or when their time comes, may they be prepared, and may no new deaths result from this fire. Finally, Lord, we bring before you the grieving—those grieving the loss of loved ones, pets, homes and businesses. Help them bring up deep inner resources that will enable them to face each day and move toward rebuilding their lives. Bless them with generous support from friends, family members, and even strangers. May they experience your hope and love in a new way. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.


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