Saturday, January 26, 2019

Prayer about Brazil mining dam burst

Heavenly Father, we pray for the rescue operation happening in Brumadinho, Brazil, after a tailings dam burst at an iron ore mine, burying people and buildings nearby. We pray for rescuers as they focus on four points where people are likely to still be alive, including a cafeteria that was buried in sludge at lunchtime. We pray for the survivors in that building to hold onto life, help each other, and be resourceful. We pray for the rescue operation to go as efficiently as possible, and for many people to still be found alive. We rejoice in the 200 people who have been rescued since the catastrophe, and we hope for that number to increase. We join those who await news of loved ones in prayer and hopefulness. At the same time, we pray with those who grieve, knowing that nine bodies have already been found, with that number expected to increase in the days ahead. Again, we pray for the rescuers. Grant them success. And, in your perfect timing, may the facts about why this accident happened come out. Amen.


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