Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Prayer about Danish train crash

Lord God, we pray for the nation of Denmark today as they deal with the deadliest rail accident in their nation’s history. We pray for the loved ones of the six people killed, who may not even know yet that their friend or relative is among those lost during this train accident. Prepare them for this news, and grant them deep comfort in the coming days, months and beyond, as they process this great loss in their lives. We pray for those recovering from injuries, rejoicing that none of the injuries are life-threatening. We pray for those traumatized by the experience—both passengers and emergency responders—that they will heal and move forward in life, without fear hindering them. We pray about the financial loss to both companies involved in this incident, and about the disruption to a busy transportation line. May people handle the disruption well, grateful they are safe, rather than focused on the inconvenience. Help them quickly find other means of transportation. Finally, Lord, we pray for investigators as they seek the reason this crash occurred. We are thankful they are committed to a thorough investigation, so similar accidents can be avoided in the future. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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