Monday, January 20, 2020

Prayer about Bulgaria's water crisis
 Hristo Vladev / NurPhoto / Getty Images

Lord God, we come to you with concerns about the water crisis in Bulgaria and the accompanying political issues. We pray about the no-confidence vote the Bulgarian government will face next week. We pray for your will to be done regarding this, and that, regardless of the outcome, the government will do its best work in providing for its people. Lord, we are particularly concerned about the water crisis in western Bulgaria, which has been a problem since November. May the truth come out about then-environment minister Neno Dimov, as he faces charges of deliberately mismanaging the water crisis as it unfolded. Of utmost concern, we pray for the almost 100,000 people who have faced water shortages in recent weeks. Please protect and watch over them, granting them resourcefulness and grit as they deal with this trial. We pray for steady access to water as soon as possible. And, Lord, in the midst of this, we are very aware that there are people around the world who regularly deal with water shortages. While we pray for Bulgaria’s crisis today, we also ask your help in these other communities around the world. Please provide them with Living Water (John 4:10), and with clean water for their daily needs. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

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